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5 Kitchen Design Trends For Millennials

Many Millennials take it upon themselves to recreate and bring back healthy nourishing food that has lately been put aside. This step is essential especially during the current pandemic as we need physical nourishment and wellbeing. Hence with this sudden urge amongst them, they spend a great deal of their time in the kitchen making it super important to meet all the requirements.  

Here are some of the house interior design and modern kitchen cutlery trends in Australia for Millennials that can be incorporated.

Choosing The Design Theme

The theme chosen is completely upto to the individuals personality and design interest. There are many different themes to choose from such as rustic, modern, minimalistic, classic, and so on. The reason why it’s important to choose the theme beforehand is that all the design elements like the furniture and decor will resonate with the chosen theme. Since we’re talking about a kitchen the cutlery, ornaments, appliances, and interiors will revolve around one look. 

Colour Me Impressed

The choice of the colour palette is dependent on the theme that has been finalized. As the retro trend has started to come back one scrunchie at a time people now want a more dual-toned look for their kitchen instead of the usual one solid colour. Textures have also started to make a comeback like stone cladding, bricks and tiles. People have also started to avoid the use of plastic countertops to reduce waste and also bring back the old and more reliable countertop types.

Utilize Space In A Clever Manner

So what everyone wants at the end of the day is a clean, sleek, and clutter-free kitchen that also possesses a lot of storage space. These days a lot of modular kitchens come with designs to accomplish just that. They incorporate enough space for appliances like the refrigerator, microwave, etc. within the modular kitchen’s storage areas. So all you will see is a clean look and finish. Also, it’s best to store away all the food and groceries in an organized manner within the cabinets of the kitchen. Making use of clear jars to help you arrange and segregate the items according to their type. You can also store some small furniture like kitchen stools in the lower storage areas to help you get things from hard-to-reach places. These can be found in any kitchen furniture store.

Lighting & Technology

With the introduction of many hi-tech devices, a digital twist can be added to the kitchen interiors. Smart lights or bulbs are being used these days as people can easily set the tone to the room they would like. It’s also very important to have enough lighting in the kitchen to produce the best dishes you can only think of. The other positive point to having a smart light is that you can automatically set when it should turn on and off. Lights aren’t the only thing that has gone the digital route. Many normal appliances have become advanced, interactive, and reliable like a refrigerator with a touch screen. In a few moments, you’ll be able to just tap your way to getting exactly what you need.

Be Environmentally Aware

With climate change happening at a drastic rate it’s our job to try our best in any way possible to curb its effects before disaster strikes. One way to do so is to be conscious even with the interiors chosen. Try to find recycled materials that can be reused and take old pieces to repurpose them into something brand new. Try to find other alternative resources to use and spread awareness of the current global crisis to other people. When it comes to furniture you can try second hand and make it feel brand new. This way they won’t just go into the garbage that’s creating more and more waste in the world.


Design trends will continue to change constantly but a few of these tips will easily last a whole lifetime. Kitchen trends are moving towards being resource-efficient and using minimalism wherever possible as the demand for space continues to grow. If you’re looking for a kitchen furniture store then you’ve stumbled upon the right blog. Visit our website and get a glimpse of all the different pieces we have in store from homeware to small furniture. We’ve got it all!

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