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5 Most Popular Outdoor Furniture Trends To Follow In 2022

The pandemic elevated backyards and outdoor space from perks to necessities. Spending months in lockdown made homeowners think about the renovation of their outdoor spaces. As autumn 2022 approaches, the trend for imaginative and stylish outdoor furniture sets does not seem to be going anywhere. In today’s time, homeowners are making outdoor setting a priority to connect with nature and unwind themselves in the open air, away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

The outdoor trend going on these days is not just about a garden anymore, but a well-designed space with comfortable outdoor furniture sets. Experts suggest that outdoor space deserves as much attention as your Sydney home interiors. During the pandemic, the emphasis people placed on our outdoor spaces shifted substantially, and this is reflected in the emerging furniture decorating and outdoor trends. For 2022, the strong focus is on ‘indoor-outdoor furniture,’ such as rattan dining sets. Soft furniture will also be employed to make outdoor areas more comfortable and inviting. When it comes to making your outdoor spaces more functional and comfortable, choosing a comfortable and aesthetically beautiful patio furniture design is the key.

There are a few trends to keep in mind this year, whether you’re simply working ahead or ready to start exploring patio furniture for the outdoors in your Sydney home. Our experts curated their predictions on what to anticipate next in furniture design to help you create your ideal great outdoors with our outdoor furniture ideas.

Minimalistic Outdoor Furniture Designs

Minimalistic Outdoor Furniture Designs Instant Furniture Outlet

Less is sometimes more, and this is particularly true in the case of outdoor setting trends for 2022. When it comes to outdoor design, minimalism will be the rule, with sleek and modern furniture taking centre stage. Neutral tones will be a significant trend in garden furniture, but we’re also going to see a lot of minimalist garden furniture designs. The Alfresco 7-Piece Dining Set is the epitome of minimalism, with sleek frames and plush seats. This is the ideal outdoor furniture set to go with the minimalist styles we’re looking forward to seeing in 2022.

Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

Sustainable Outdoor Furniture from Instant Furniture Outlet

The increased use and recognition of recycled materials in our outdoor setting is another exciting garden furniture trend that we’re likely to witness in 2022. Garden furniture made of recycled and natural materials such as wood, bast, and linen will be more prominent, with a focus on adopting more sustainable elements into our outdoor areas in your Sydney home. You will not only be able to decorate your garden with the latest outdoor trends, but you will also be helping to safeguard the environment. What else do you need?

Calm & Natural Tones

Modern Outdoor Furniture from Instant Furniture Outlet

Natural and muted tones are our next outdoor furniture idea to watch in 2022. For outdoor pieces, sage, cream and beige will be the most popular colours. Muted tones like this pair well with a wide number of decor schemes, making this a simple garden furniture style to implement into your outdoor environment. Modernist 7Pc Rectangular Dining Set is one of our favourite neutral pieces, and it’s ideal for dining. If you want to try this style, look for soothing colours that are easy on the eyes as well as the mind, and complementary decor is clean fresh hues.

Space Saving Outdoor Furniture 

Space Saving Outdoor Furniture from Instant Furniture Outlet

This outdoor style will please little outdoor balconies or narrow terraces in particular: folding outdoor furniture sets is not only more popular than ever, but it can also be packed away in a space-saving manner. In this category, the so-called director’s chairs are an absolute must-have. The attractive mix of the comfy fabric seat and the folding wooden element looks especially well and can be built up quickly if needed. A minor marvel in space!

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Bring the Interiors Outdoor 

high-quality outdoor furniture from instant furniture outlet

The number of people engaging in outdoor activities has increased in the last year. So has the demand for a comfortable, secluded, and quiet outdoor space. This means plush couches, soft lighting, and multi-functional furniture that can survive the elements. Keep a low outdoor space to keep things easy. The goal is to keep things simple so you can spend more time sitting on your patio rather than tending to plants and moving furniture.

Embrace the outdoor and create a serene outdoor setting with our furniture ideas! The use of striking contrasts in both indoor and outdoor living spaces will increase in 2022 and beyond. Consider combining materials, contrasting colours, and contrasting textures when brainstorming ideas. Make sure your space is both functional and beautiful to look at, and you’ll have a place where you’ll want to spend endless evenings with your family.

Remember, this is just a guide; the actual key to a great outside space is to set your trends, be creative, and don’t forget to invest in high-quality outdoor furniture for your Sydney home!

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