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5 Tips On How To Design Your Home With Accent Furniture

What is the first thing you think about when it comes to accent furniture? Is it something with colour or maybe something with more functionality? Well, when any accent furniture piece is used for its decorative value to enhance the look and feel of any room.  It may not necessarily have any practical use but can be used as a statement piece or something to grab the attention of your guests. 

Accent Furniture is known to add some definition and drama creating a story for your interior space. You can change the living room style completely by adding a few pieces of colour to the sea of neutral furniture. But before jumping into just investing in a bunch of different accent pieces that you know would create an impact on your interiors it’s important to remember that there needs to be a plan set out before you splurge away.

Depending on the theme you’re going for there are many different tips and tricks to keep in mind. Which are as follows:

Start With a Plan

From the entryway to the rest of the rooms in your home, think about the kind of pieces you can make use of to boost the look and feel of the space. You can pick up some vintage items from your local thrift stores or do some DIY projects to add that personal touch.

Make sure the first thing your guests see as they enter is something that stands out like wooden furniture with a rustic look and lots of cubbies. This will create some exhilaration inside them and their interests will peak.

Bigger The Better

There are no restrictions when it comes to the size of an accent piece. You can have large imposing pieces in certain areas of your home that you know would get noticed like a China Cabinet. But at the same time don’t overestimate the size of your room. Make sure you take measurements beforehand to have an idea of what the room with the piece will look like. 

The colour you chose for this piece is completely in your hands but remember to correlate it to your other furniture and decor so you know what you need to choose. For example, a room full of plain neutral coloured furniture deserves a piece with an eye-popping colour to really break the ice. On the other hand, if you have a busy room with a lot going on in respect to the furniture then toning it down with a plain coloured accent piece will make it stand out as well. The main thing to remember is to work on the basis of contrast whenever you shop for accent furniture.

Add Some Artistic Chairs

More often than not chairs are used as accent pieces of furniture. A few things to consider before picking up any accent chair are making sure it has a unique look or design, a strong body, capturing colours, and good upholstery. Mixing multiple styles creates a sort of chemistry that can leave you in awe. Whether modern, traditional, or industrial, pick the chairs of different genres after you have chosen our theme. 

Uplift Your Dining Area

Find a dining table or full dining set that is different from the rest and grabs the spotlight. The colour, finish, materials, and design play a huge role in the selection. Try to step away from the norm and see what piece makes your heart flutter. There are dining tables in every style and size you can imagine. Also make sure you work around the lighting to highlight your accent furniture. 

Add Small Tables 

Side tables come in all shapes, colours, and sizes. They are a great way to furnish your space as they are both functional and stylish. Most of them are chosen with contrasting colours when compared to the other living room furniture. Anything can be used for these tables from unconventional materials, to designs that are impactful.


With all this being said we hope this gives you dining, bedding, and living room furnishing ideas by incorporating outstanding accent furniture. Plan, see your budget and shop away to transform your home into your personal escape. Don’t know where to start? Visit our store to get the best furniture in Sydney! We also have a team of designers who will guide you in your journey of fine furnishing. 

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