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6 Clever Hallway Storage Ideas You Should Know

A hallway is often the most overlooked space when it comes to decorating and furnishing though it acts as the main entrance and exit to many Sydney homes. The entrance hall and corridor, as one of the first room guests see upon arrival, play an important part in making a good first impression. Say goodbye to scattered shoes, searching the room for a coat hanger, or old letters tossed over the floor with our hallway storage ideas for small spaces.

You’ll need something to organize your odds and ends, whether it’s a sideboard in the entryway hall, a small bookcase between the entryway and driveway, or standalone shelves by the front door. We also suggest selecting pieces that are both appealing and functional which you can buy from any furniture outlet. With our creative hallway storage ideas, you can turn your hall into a welcoming and functional entryway. Smart hallway storage cabinets for small spaces that help you organize and create extra space can make a big difference in your home.

There’s always a need for storage ideas, no matter how big your Sydney home is. From where to leave your coats to your bags to extra stuff that would otherwise lie around the house, the hallway is a perfect place to implement strategic storage, and the possibilities are infinite. Our Six creative solutions and professional hallway ideas for inspiring entry spaces in your home are listed below.

Add a Hall Bench with Storage Baskets

Hallway storage cabinet by instant furniture outlet

Our first hallway storage idea for small space is to add a few storage baskets to a hall bench and use a similar freestanding rattan bucket to hold umbrellas and bags. The addition of an above storage unit with a few hooks makes the room more functional! This storage idea will help you declutter your daily essentials and make it easy to find one too.

Bring the Dresser Out of the Bedroom

Hallway cabinet with mirror by instant furniture outlet

Dressers are not just limited to Bedrooms, make a space for them in your hallway and use it cleverly as a hallway storage cabinet! A dresser in a hallway with a chest of drawers can save backup essentials like candles, lightbulbs, and batteries that you’re always seeking but can’t seem to find. Place a solid wood choice in the hallway’s corner to make it more utilitarian!

Utilise the Under Stairs Space! 

Furnitures in Under Stairs Space Instant furniture outlet

Small hallway storage solutions are generally plentiful in under stairs spaces. Despite the difficulties, maximizing your under stairs space and transforming it into storage space is well worth the effort.

Some under stairs storage ideas include using custom-built drawers, cupboards, or shelving units. Cabinets, bookcases, and shoe cupboards are great low-fit storage alternatives for open under stairs storage.

Create Some Space for Your Shoes

stylish open shelving unit from instant furniture outlet

Try this hallway storage cabinet idea to put coats and shoes on display, dress up your hallway with a stylish open shelving unit. Storage that is both functional and stylish does not have to be a compromise! Use on-trend rattan and wicker furnishings, which provide both functionality and a distinctive, handcrafted feel.

Keep only the necessities on display to avoid an overcrowded hallway. Winter coats, scarves, and gloves, for example, can be stored in a storage trunk or lidded basket to reduce the mess to a minimum.

Small Space Storage for Hallway

Classic console table in hall by instant furniture outlet

Look no further than the classic console table for narrow hallway storage space. Console tables are a very functional, elegant, and beautiful alternative if space is tight. In contrast to huge workstations or storage units, console tables take up very little floor area.

One simple hallway storage idea is to use a narrow console table to arrange plants in a tight corner, then add a pair of baskets underneath to keep the hallway clutter away and provide some extra storage! This will transform your bland hallway into a refreshing entryway to your Sydney home with additional storage for your everyday essentials.

More Than One Use of a Bookcase!

console bookshelf in hallway instant furniture outlet

A beautiful bookcase might be the perfect fit for our narrow hallway storage idea. Large bookcases are available, although smaller and slimmer bookcases are also usable. Bookcases are an excellent storage option because they can be placed against a wall and are somewhat out of the way. Bookcases can be used to store personal belongings, ornaments, and photographs, and they can add a lot of character to your home in Sydney.

A hallway is the first area of your home that also serves as the initial impression of your home, so don’t compromise on style or interior design. When it comes to hallways, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Use any of the hallway closet ideas to change this unused space into something functional.

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