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How To Style Your Coffee Table: Tips From Designers

A classic decor piece in your Sydney home-your Coffee Table, with the power to make or break your living room’s overall design. Your modern table is just not a furniture piece you have bought from a furniture outlet to throw up your feet or a spot to dump all your fashion magazines and remote controllers, they are made to serve more purposes like creating some extra storage space or a make-shift workstation. From super-stylish living room coffee table decor to a simple yet elegant table set up, see how you can decorate the focal point of your living room.

Most people ignore this central piece in their homes in terms of styling opportunities. While it is important to keep the decor as stylish as possible, it is also important that it functions the way it is supposed to. Do you want to follow a coordinated theme in your Sydney home or use the same colour scheme for the overall decor, there are many coffee table decor ideas for you to create a beautiful, uncluttered set-up for your living room.

We aim to create an aesthetically gorgeous masterpiece while managing the flow of your living room. From contemporary to chic and everything in between, we made sure to include expert designer tips and styling without straining your pockets. All you have to do is select the one which fits you the best! Get inspired and get started!

Display Some Bright Florals as Coffee Table Decor

Floral decor on coffee table Instant furniture outlet

Some fresh florals for your table decor have the potential to make a difference in the space. When your Sydney living room needs a pop of colours, opt for a bouquet of bright colourful floral or when your need to display the elegance of roses, go for a bunch of pink or red roses to amp up the mood. But you might be unable to invest in fresh flowers every week, not to worry. You can replace these with real looking fake flowers to complete the look! A stunning vase for the florals will complete and enhance your overall coffee table decor.

Curved Coffee Table Designs to Add the Contrast

Curved Coffee Table Designs from Instant Furniture Outlet

Curved or Round Coffee tables designs are visually appealing but when comes to styling these tables, it is much more difficult than rectangular table decor. Our designer tips concentrate on making the living room space feel cosy and incorporate a seating plan that centres around it. Our Soho Round table boosts the character of your living room and lets us incorporate some unique styling to it. 

For your round table, add a large round tray to it. With the repeating circle, this look creates a cohesive collection and a very interesting vignette.

Divide your Coffee Table

Display arrangement on coffee table instant furniture outlet

Square coffee table designs for your Sydney home offer a wide variety of styling options. Our Marble Top Coffee table create a unique look for your living room. On the square-shaped tables, try to break the table surface into four quadrants and display different arrangements for these 4 sections. Start with a stack of books, some succulents, a tray or a candle piece for these divisions. This kind of grid feel organised and lets you play with the arrangements till your reach the best display.

Stick to the Colour Palette

Living room furniture from instant furniture outlet

To create a cohesive display for your living room, stick to the colour palette while choosing your living room coffee table decor. For a timeless look, a few colour palette combinations work the best. Create a serene mood for your living room, with the espresso coffee table which contrasts beautifully with the turquoise chairs and light turquoise walls. Balance the space with a beige carpet, and floral satin pillows which gives visual interest.

Pick a Theme

Black coffee table with decor from instant furniture outlet

You can try an abstract style, a minimalist approach, or an eclectic design when it comes to decorating your coffee table. Visualize a space you want to create—or what you want people to see when they walk in—and then find items that match that vision for your living room.

Keep the Styling Minimal

Minimalist coffee table from instant furniture outlet

When it comes to styling, remember simplicity is the best. When you go for your coffee table decor, keep it clutter-free which makes the room clean and makes it easier for you to relax mentally. Keep the decor minimalistic or if you have minimal living room decor, create a punch with your decoration. A simple bookshelf and a few souvenirs on the top to complete the look more simply

Maintain the Balance

Table and Chair from instant furniture outlet

To make an eye-catching display, mix and combine different textures. On a table, a bowl, a souvenir, and some plants work well together. Keeping a balanced look can be achieved by placing your decorative elements in a patterned or symmetrical pattern. For an eye-catching yet balanced living room coffee table decor, place a huge piece in the centre of the table with two smaller things on either side.

Let it tell stories about your passions and memories in your Sydney home. Souvenirs from a long-ago vacation, beach-collected coral pieces, or reference books on fashion and décor There are a plethora of possibilities to customize your coffee table decor. It’s important that your table remains a functional piece of furniture in your room, so don’t over clutter it. We hope these decorating ideas for your table will help you simplify it and make it more appealing. After all, it is the focus of all social activities in the living room!

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