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Bedding Ideas: How to Style Your Bed Like a Pro

Your bed is most likely your innermost sanctum, a place where only you and a select few are permitted to enter. Of course, occupying pride’s place is the holy of holies, your bed, a place where dreams and, on occasion, memories are formed. After all, it is where you spend at least one-third of your life!

What is a bedding idea to do for the other two-thirds of the day when it is empty? You may either make your bed in the morning or go all out and style it like a pro! Before you know it, your bed will be featured on the cover of Sydney’s home décor magazine and will have its own Instagram account.

Ultimate Selection of Bedsheets

First and foremost, put on your favorite fitted sheet. It would be ideal if it fit evenly on a mattress with no creases or wrinkles. This would provide you with a solid foundation to work for your bedroom design ideas. And then take out your flat sheet and drape it over the bed. The challenge with the flat sheet is to make sure that you have enough to style with. Pull it up so that it goes over the top of the mattress – you’ll see why in a moment.

The Secret is Hospital Corner

Do a ‘hospital corner’ by tucking the sheet in at the base first, then pulling the excess flat sheet upwards on the side, tucking in the loose sheet on the underside whilst continuing to hold the raised sheet; then fold it down on a 45-degree angle and tuck in the excess just over halfway to create a really neat bottom corner. Also, increase the size of your quilt cover for a luxurious appearance. Otherwise, if it was the precise size, it would fall just a tad shorter, losing the overlapping effect and looking less attractive.

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Bed Design for the Bedroom: Paying Attention to Small Things 

It’s all about paying attention to bed design for the bedroom when it comes to dressing beds. Small touches such as a button, exposed zip, piped edge, or metallic foiling may elevate the look of your bed. And what is beneath is crucial. A flat sheet with old-school hospital edges is a wonderful touch for the more careful Sydney homeowner (especially in a guest room).

Coolest Bed Decoration Trick You Can Do With The Duvet  

Regardless of the season, adding layers is essential for bed decoration that is both welcoming and comfortable. Choose neutrals and comfortable textures, or experiment with patterns and colours to provide depth and contrast. On top of the sheets, place a light cotton coverlet or blanket, followed by your duvet. Fold your duvet in half and then pull the top portion back into thirds to show off all your pillows and layers. If it’s cold outside, sleep beneath the duvet and utilize the quilt as a decorative element. In the summer, put the duvet at the foot of the bed or replace it with a lighter one.

Here Comes The Pillow

Obviously, matching your bigger shams to the duvet and laying them behind your day-to-day pillows (that match your sheet set) could be the coolest bedding idea. They are usually larger and perfectly occupy the area nearest to the headboard. You may, however, stack them for a more contemporary aesthetic. When it comes to accent pillows, there is no such thing as a perfect number. Finally, it comes down to how far you’re willing to go each night! I like three pillows – three entirely different pillows, two that match in size and colour with one smaller one in front, or even one long lumbar.

When it comes to bed decoration, you get what you pay for – both in terms of duvet and pillow coverings and filled bedding. Choose the nicest bedding you can buy – it will not only look good but will also hold up to regular washing. Before dressing the bed, give pillows and duvets a thorough shake to level out the stuffing and restore its plumpness.

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Bed Styling Ideas: Experimenting With a Bedside Decoration

Those finishing touches that tie the whole thing together? A folded throw at the foot of the bed is a nice place to start (or it can be casually draped along the side). It will assist to tie your colour palette together or, at the very least, provide some lovely texture. Then devote some time and effort to cleaning and decorating your nightstands. Stack some books, hang some wall art or change the lighting. Even a few simple decorations may contribute to a beautiful bedroom!

Once you’ve completed these bed styling ideas, you’ll want to add a wrinkled ripple effect to it to give visual interest. I generally come in and add texture to the quilt by fluffing it up beneath to produce some ‘natural’ and uneven curves.

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Tip: If budget is a concern, consider opting for high-quality sheets and more affordable accessories as feature cushions are something you’re likely to change more often and won’t affect a good night’s sleep.

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