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Diy Home Décor Tips: Some Fresh Ideas

A home is a place where you want to go at the end of a very long day to feel the warmth. This feeling of home cannot be found in any other place, and that’s why we tend to decorate our homes in a very cosy yet attractive form. Redecorating it can be a very tempting feel; it often resurfaces our creative side in a unique way. We often renovate our house according to the ongoing trend, but it is a very exorbitant task. 

To avoid the inessential expenses, we end up redecorating our personal space in our way by seeing DIY ideas on YouTube or in magazines. 

Here we present you with some trendy DIY hacks for your home, which are very captivating and pocket-friendly. Doing it together with the family can also bring out some beautiful memories to look after in the future.

Handmade Wall Mirrors:

Wall mirrors are often used to look upon you while doing various tasks in a day. It is a very important part of one’s life, but it can be used as décor in our houses too. Purchasing such a bright and sparkling mirror can be a bit expensive. Instead of paying a hefty amount for it, one can decorate it with things available at home such as fairy lights, jute, cardboards, colourful papers, embellishments, etc. Furthermore, you can even paint the border of the mirror with your imagination. 

Budget-friendly Vases & Jars:

We always have spare wine bottles, tin cans, and jars in our homes which are often considered unwanted. But these can be used to make attractive vases and jars for your living room. It just needs our creative side to appear, and we end up making lovely artefacts from the scrap. 

For this, you can bring clays, paints, glitters, and handicraft materials to use. After remoulding it into your ideas, bring out some fresh flowers to put inside your vases. It not only will make your living room astounding but also very modish. You can also tie small bottles on your tree branches in your garden to make it look more aesthetic and Instagram post-worthy. 

Wall Frames and Canvas:

Canvases not only give our rooms an artistic touch but also give others an idea of our personality. So, choosing them can be tedious work because we need them to match our vibe and have to be within our budget. Nowadays, we can take out colourful prints of famous quotes or eye-catching scenery photos from our home printer to make the room more aesthetic and pleasing. 

Wall frames and canvas can be used to store our memories and display them on the walls. These days many frames of different sizes and shapes are available online. Take out your album and cameras to click warm memories and make a memory wall for your house too. Start to blueprint how you want to decorate your wall and bring your ideas into action. 

DIY Jute Lamps:

While scrolling down Pinterest and Instagram, we often come across attractive lamps to remodel your rooms, but after checking their prices, you might change your mind and think that it is unnecessary to spend such a large amount of money on them.

Don’t throw your wishes away just because of your tight budget; go for jute lamps. Jute is a natural material, is very cost-effective, and you can turn it into various shapes to make it look chicer. Using colourful paper, adhesive, and jute together, one can make beautiful lamps into life. 

Handmade Wall and door hangings:

Wall hangings made by one bring out the warmth and love for our homes. These personal touches turn houses into homes. You can create wall hangings with various items present in our storerooms. We just need some innovative ideas and craft material from our kid’s room to bring outstanding results. And it can also be used to add fun elements to our empty wall spaces. 

You can also use dream catchers to hang around doors for the perfect snap picture. Dream catchers often attract little children, so if you have any little champ in your house, then you can use it to distract them while you feed them or change them.

Affordable homewares:

While googling “Affordable homewares in Sydney”, you will come across beautiful accessories that can give our place a cosy touch. But not everything you like can be placed down in the house; it will make your house look overfilled. Properly plan your ideas to bring out the beauty of your house with minimal accessories and furnishing. This will make your home décor more pocket-friendly. List out the necessary items you need and go for affordable homeware shopping to redecorate your lovely home.


Even the slightest change in your house can bring positive vibes and make your house more welcoming. But such changes do not require a lot of expenses; it just needs a little shaping that you can do with your imagination and things you don’t use often. It will also bring the family close when you do decorative work together. With little DIY, you can decrease the money spent without affecting the quality of your product. With this motivation, take out your creative side and blend your ideas together with the right element to make your house breathtakingly beautiful, just like you and your family.

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