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Expert’s Tips On Using Designer Wallpaper In Your Room

The wallpaper decor trend is making a huge comeback right now. Wallpaper is one of the most popular design choices today. Modern wallpaper designs are back in popularity and are a key trend of 2022. Homeowners are skipping a conventional coat of paint in favour of cheeky colours and patterns that elevate a room’s energy, which was once considered a sign of outdated decor. 

Using wallpapers for home decor is a simple and quick way to add charm and character to the dull space. A harsh room can be transformed into a space with designer wallpaper textures and give your room an instant thrill. But where do you start? Before you go wallpapering for your Sydney home, read our list of simple ideas for wallpapers by expert designers to help you with this renovation project.

Modern wallpapers are available in diverse patterns from modern floral prints to geometric patterns to animal prints, depending on your taste and style.

The wallpaper renaissance is real and here to stay! Wallpaper decor helps the homeowner to personalise their Sydney home decor and add aesthetics and personality to the room. Choosing the right wallpaper for your room’s interiors that go with the furniture you have from a furniture outlet can be difficult at times. Colours, styles, patterns, and textures are all things to take into account. Knowing what to look for can assist you in making the best decisions for your space.

The wallpaper will bring depth to a room, as well as flow and warmth, depending on the design. There are hundreds of patterns, colours, and textures to pick from. So, where do you start? This blog post will go over some expert advice you should know before using wallpaper in your Sydney home.

Things to Consider Before Buying Designer Wallpapers 

Choose the Right Wallpaper Texture

Textured wallpaper decor Instant furniture outlet

Modern wallpaper designs are available in subtle texture finish or a smooth finish. A textured wallpaper has a three-dimensional look to it and adds to the depth and appearance of the room. On the other hand, wallpapers with a smooth finish give a more elegant and sleek look.

The Perfect Pattern for Room 

Floral wallpaper design Instant furniture outlet

With a zillion of patterns available to choose from, it is important to pick a style that complements your room. For example, floral patterns and vivid designs add visual excitement to the room, these patterns spruce up the look of a small room also. Wallpapers with geometric prints can be used as a focal point in the room. Artistic wallpapers are a great choice if you want to add a classy touch to the room.

Size & Layout of the Room 

Modern wallpaper design instant furniture outlet

The size and layout of your room should be a decisive element when choosing the perfect wallpaper. Use wallpaper decor with bolder patterns that make a bold statement in larger rooms, and choose smaller patterns that won’t overpower the intimate space in a smaller space, according to some simple expert tips.

The Right Colour of Designer Wallpaper 

Designer wallpaper in room instant furniture outlet

When it comes to picking colours that perfectly complement your room’s layout and furnishings, choosing the right designer wallpaper might be challenging. The selection is solely based on your personal preferences and tastes. It’s a good rule of thumb to match your wallpaper colours to your furniture, flooring, and drapes.

Expert Ideas for Wallpaper Decor in Your Room

Play with Lights 

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In a dark hallway or a room with no windows, look for designer wallpapers with light colours and metallic or glossy prints that will reflect light around the room. Patterns with smooth surfaces that reflect the lightest should also be considered. Dark hues absorb light, making the room appear smaller and the walls appear closer. Textured surfaces also have the effect of making a wall appear darker.

Cover Half a Wall with Modern Wallpaper Design 

Half Wall covered with Modern Wallpaper Design Instant Furniture Outlet

Another idea for wallpaper decor is covering walls halfway, or only in some parts, and keeping uncovered sections with other types of cover is an approach that allows us to be more creative. Solid features, such as wooden frames, should be used to separate these pieces so that the spot where the paper is chopped is not visible. The more traditional styles encourage us to use wallpaper in the upper half of the room, with wood or other panels in the lower half.

Create Focal Point with Designer Wallpaper 

Marble textured designer wallpaper instant furniture outlet

Although the furniture is traditionally used to create focal points, we may instead use a wall that stands out from the rest. This is one of the most outstanding ideas for a living room. Installing the modern wallpaper design where people are used to watching, such as behind the TV, is the most effective technique for generating this focal point effect. 

Wallpaper decor is a terrific way to add a bit of dramatic “wow!” to a room design without having to spend a lot of money on wall art or lighting. Wallpaper can wake up a place via colour and art, whether it’s a marbleized design with sparkling gold splashes or a fanciful forest image.

Unusual Spaces to use Wallpapers 

Wallpaper decor in living room instant furniture outlet

There are a few more scenarios where wallpaper is appropriate, but it is rarely considered. One of them is on the ceiling of the room. Typically, no one decorates the ceilings, leaving them with a grey finish or a coat of white paint.

Upholstery on the ceiling will give the room a chapel-like look. However, because the process is more complex than installing on a regular wall, we must be certain of what we install. To avoid leaving air bubbles, which would cause it to fall owing to gravity, the position can be a little uncomfortable.

Mix & Match Wallpapers 

Bold pattern modern wallpaper design instant furniture outlet

A room with no pattern can be boring, but a space with too many patterns can be disturbing. Pick wallpaper decor that repeats the same hue or values of that colour when blending stripes, florals, or plaids in a room or between adjacent regions. To make coordinating easy, most wallpaper guides categorise designs by colour.

Modern wallpaper designs are a practical option that is easy to install and has many choices whether you are looking to change the appearance of your rooms or if you have renovation plans for your Sydney home. The idea of today’s guide was just to go over some of the many possibilities it has, but these are not the only ones we can use them for. Also, keep in mind that the same rule applies to the different wallpaper patterns for other rooms, where you can create a variety of combinations.

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