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How to Choose the Right Plant to Spruce up your Living Room

The first thing that would have come to your mind when you read the title would be a tall green plant in the corner of the room or beside a polished sitting. Also, you can never go wrong with how you keep it which is why it’s probably your favourite way to decorate with plants, and enhance your home furniture.

With how the quarantine has sent us all home, and with the days passing by how about you spruce up your living room with indoor plants? 

In this blog, we will discuss the most popular indoor plants for the living room and how to set the perfect home decor plant scene in motion in your Sydney home!

Let’s begin. 

#1 Money Plant Variegated 

Money Plant Variegated is the first one up for this. Mainly because it is very low maintenance for a beginner or even for someone who wants plants around but doesn’t have the time or heart to spend time with it. Money Plant Variegated has heart-shaped leaves and has twin colours contrasting each other, making it perfect for living room plant decor. It can survive without direct bright sunlight. Money Plant prefers bright to medium indirect light. Also, it only requires to be watered once a week, so you don’t have to worry about starving it to death either! And the best part is that it is an Air purifying plant. Free oxygen yeah!!!

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#2 Ficus Prestige: A popular home decor plant 

Ficus Prestige is a very common home decor plant. Ficus Prestige is often recognised for its marbled foliage and ease of growing also because it requires minimal attention. Ficus Prestige grows easily and attracts a lot of attention from its colour and it’s apt for the ones that do not have much time in their hands. It is often kept as an abstract Ficus Prestige requiring light but not direct sunlight. You will only need to water it once a week and it purifies the air around you! A perfect friend to your Sydney home! 

#3 Cactus Cereus Repandus 

Cactus Cereus Repandus aka Apple Cactus is an absolute chill green being! For this reason, it is the best indoor plant for the living room. Apple Cactus loves getting bright but indirect light when kept as a living room plant decor. It’s largely shrubby or a tree-like cactus with many columnar stems, and it’s mostly branched from the roots. And one of the main attractions of Apple Cactus is that it does not wet feet. So, make sure the soil is dry before you water them. And it does not need to be watered often. With proper care and nourishment, this succulent can bring an aura to your living room plant decor. 

#4 Wandering Jew Plant: Perfect for living room plant decor  

Wandering Jew Plant got its name after its notable behaviour to its high-speed growth and unhindered ways of reaching to place if left on its own! It’s mostly kept in a hanging basket or on the ground in a pot. The leaves on it leave a mysterious, spiritual and imaginative impression on one’s eye! Because it’s not often you come across a gorgeous friendly plant that’s in purple! Its striking color also adds to the aesthetic of the living room, making it an absolute favourite in living room plant decor. Its complementarity naked the colour and that’s what makes it a perfect Living room plant decor. It only requires to be watered twice a week, since it’s an indoor plant it does not crave the Vitamin D much as the others do. It is a very low maintenance beauty so with just enough attention it can bring lasting beauty to the place where it is kept.

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#5 Earth Star Plant 

This lovely named plant is a friend of ours from Brazil. Earthstar plants are known for their name mostly due to the rosette-shaped assortment of the leaves and their low growth habit. And there are over 1200 varieties of this same plant. Earth Star Plants also do not require much direct sunlight which makes them a perfect companion to be kept indoors under bright lights. In addition to that, it only requires watering once a week, and it’s super low maintenance. 

#6 Philodendron Xanadu Plant 

The Philodendron Xanadu Plant is the best air purifier indoor plant for your home in Sydney and is best for low light conditions. It may occasionally produce aerial roots. It has dark red spathes. It does take a few years for a Philodendron to bloom and it rarely flowers indoors. Philodendron looks great in containers on the patio, the balcony or even indoors. It can also remove toxins from the air making it another addition to the air purifying plant. 


Beth Ditto once said that having a plant at home is like having a friend around your Sydney house! And it is true because it can be grown inside and it always looks decorative and it brings positive psychological effects or health reasons like it does purify the air well! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog on home decor plants! Thanks for reading. 

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