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How To Create A Gallery Wall For The Perfect Welcoming Home

Gallery walls have become quite popular over the last few years; they are a way to update your interiors, transform bland walls, create a focal point in your home, and bring character to any living space. In place of using paint or wallpaper for a feature wall, gallery walls are the best option. People in Sydney prefer the gallery wall ideas at the hallway, up the staircase or in the living room.

Gallery Wall 

A gallery wall is a group of framed artwork frames hung on a wall. The frames may contain the same or different artwork! A ‘gallery wall’ is a simple and easy way to add interest to any room you want. It’s an effective way of bringing nature indoors or mixing wall artwork or just arranging your collection without having to apply wallpaper or repaint your walls or to have furniture pieces from any furniture outlet


8 Steps To Create A Beautiful Gallery Wall   

Creating your own gallery wall doesn’t need to be a strenuous or difficult task.It’s all about bringing together your favourite pieces that also reflect your own personality. Experiment with various wall art styles and genres, such as a mix of strong block colour prints, colourful wacky patterns, typography graphics, or your favourite family photos. Gallery walls with bright, quirky patterns and photos of family are most popular in Sydney.


Define The Subject Matter  

Don’t just go plunk down boxes or art on the wall! Make sure that everything on display is cohesive in terms of its subject matter. Interior Designer Jessica Davis explains that it’s important to pick one thematic concept before you even begin shopping for poster frames in order to create a consistent visual flow throughout the room. Are you creating a gallery wall that focuses on family photos only? Children’s art? Or are you going for an eclectic mix of all three? It’s up to you!


Let The Frames Speak For Themselves  

When it comes to putting together your own art collection and gallery, you’ll have many considerations. One of these is not forgetting about the frame. An important factor when creating a gallery wall, frames often tell part of the story and it’s important to choose one that compliments the artwork as well as suits your overall architectural aesthetic in a gallery. Sydney has a wide selection of good designer frames. 


Start With A Template  

Templates give you an idea of what the final project will look like and help you to see where to hang each frame. They’ll also tell you how many frames and pieces of art you need to plan out your gallery wall.


Measure And Nail 

Measure your wall space and lay your art collection on the floor. Take a step back and look at the images together (allow a little space between them for the frames). Do any pieces stand out as wrong? If yes, take it out. Is there room for more additions? Take a photo of your possible combinations. This ensures the pieces fit on the wall perfectly – not too big, not too small, just right.


Can Add Mirrors In Gallery Wall 

Adding mirrors to the space makes the space look larger and the art pieces more dynamic.


Choose A Layout For Artwork Gallery Wall 

Take a look at your original ideas – do the framed pieces still fit in with your plan for your perfect artwork gallery wall? Are any elements missing from your arrangement? When you’re happy with what you see, take another picture.


Let Some Pieces Go Unframed 

Frames are good, but sometimes they can get expensive. Of course, you have a fully avant-garde style, but if you don’t want to browse frames or even keep some art pieces unframed, we suggest testing out the mix-match approach by utilising texture and dimension. Wall decor that is unframed is also a popular choice in Sydney, Australia. 


Keep Symmetry And Balance In Mind  

It’s important for the pieces of art on display in your gallery to be carefully arranged so that they don’t overpower each other. Consider grouping similar shapes together, or putting different sized objects together but complementing them with a grouping of similar sized objects.


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Look At The Final Product  

When looking at your artwork, sit back, relax and admit that it feels good to be proud of where you are and all that you’ve accomplished. This is a moment to take a deep breath in and just soak in the glory of the art on your walls. Photographing only certain pieces will make it appear as if your art hasn’t got a theme or consistency, so we recommend sticking with one style throughout your entire collection. If there is space on other walls in your house, switch things up by replacing some others with new favourites that correspond with the theme of the season or an upcoming special occasion.

 For example, if you’ve got artwork from spring/summer on hand, it’s time to introduce a new one for fall/winter! Just decide what you want to take down and either remount or replace if possible with something similar in size.

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