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How To Decorate A Console Table Like A Pro

Console tables, which are not to be confused with coffee tables, fulfil practical purposes in a room while also adding to the overall aesthetic of a well-designed space. They’re ideal for filling a void in a tight hallway, behind a sofa, or on either side of a fireplace. Adding console decor to a space can be a great place to set up a display with some of your favourite pieces.

A beautiful, well-decorated console table is one of the few things that may bring elegance to your Sydney home. Console tables come in a variety of materials and you can choose one which matches your space, it could be a Unique Marble Top Console Table or a Clear Glass Console Table. Your console table decor ideas can be in pretty much any style you like, reflecting your unique interests and truly adding some creative flair to your living room, depending on your tastes. A console table is typically found in the doorway of a home, but if you don’t have one, you can buy it from a furniture outlet and place one in your living room or dining room instead.

Console table designs are such that they are set flat against the wall and can contain solely decorative items like artwork, or you can use a Vintage Console Table which can be a combination of aesthetics and functionality with a spot for your must-have items before you leave your home. Your home should be filled with things you enjoy, things that offer you joy and bring back fond memories.

A stunning Console table is indeed the perfect canvas for decorating. But where do you begin? Here, we have a few console table decor ideas for creating a magazine-worthy, expertly styled montage that can be tweaked in an endless number of ways to obtain the aesthetic you want. Let’s get started!

Start with a Right Selection of a Console Table Design

Right Selection of Console Table Instant furniture outlet

Naturally, you’ll want a console table that blends in with the rest of your Sydney home interior or contrasts just enough to add an intriguing spin. Choose from a variety of stylish console tables from our collection with a wide variety ranging from Unique Metallic and Wooden Console Table to Italian Console Table.

Take careful note of the table’s dimensions and compare them to the available space. You don’t want to have to crawl around your hallway because of an overbearing presence.

Create an Attractive Wall Backdrop

Wall Backdrop behind console table instant furniture outlet

When considering entrance console table decor remember to use the wall above the console table as well; it will give a great backdrop and help you accomplish your design goals. A properly framed mirror is not only appealing, but it also allows you to take one final glance at yourself before leaving or showing up for work. 

Alternatively, hang a huge frame of your favourite piece of art, or a range of posters and paintings in various sizes. Framed photographs of your loved ones are also a good option to add to the backdrop.

Add a Bit of Height to the Console Table

console table decor by instant furniture outlet

When it comes to console table decor ideas, height is significant. Plants, we think, are the answer to all of life’s problems! It all feels fantastic together as soon as you add a faux plant. For added dimension, hang the neutral wall art behind on console decor. Adding layers to the table gives it a classy design that never goes out of style.

Display things of varying heights on your console table to provide visual interest. You might use a trio of candles or vases for this. Another option for adding drama is to include one tall object, such as a globe, sculpture, or beautiful planter.

What’s Better than Books!

stacks of books on console table instant furniture outlet

If you have a book collection, why not use them for console table design ideas? It’s a good idea to use books with a common concept or similar colours. While stacking, place the largest book on the bottom and the smallest on the top. Make one or two stacks of books and decorative boxes on each shelf. These will serve as accent pedestals, allowing you to place items at various elevations to create a visually pleasing pattern.

The aim is balance, not perfect symmetry, so don’t worry about making perfectly even stacks—a little variation will make the end look more intriguing.

Add Some Greenery

tropical flowers in vase on console table instant furniture outlet

For your entrance console table decor use some flora to make a statement. To make a welcoming impression in your foyer, nothing beats a simple vase filled with tropical flowers or a trendy pot containing your favourite plant. 

Let’s say you place a beautiful Mid Century Console Table at your entrance, just add a few aesthetically pleasing vases with different heights and add some faux flowers or some fresh flowers to give it a visually appealing look.

Add Lighting to Your Console Table

Tropical lamps on console table by instant furniture outlet

So the console table serves as a focal point in space, what better way to emphasise its importance than with a stunning table lamp that illuminates it?  It’s also a good way to add some lighting to the wall of your hallway or room and is one of the basic console table design ideas.

Every console could use a light source, whether it’s a gorgeous Tropical Lamp, a Hills Crystal Lamp, or even a picture light—after all, you want to accentuate that gorgeous vignette you just made!

Remember, less is more. Avoid cluttering your console table if you want to make it look appealing. Less is always more when it comes to console decor. Don’t cram too many things onto your tabletop. Instead, make sure you have a decent balance of space and visually relaxing objects. Use these Decor tips to create a stunning Console table for your Sydney home!

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