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How to Make a Statement with the Best Dining Room Ideas

December has arrived, and most of us are preparing to entertain friends and family throughout the holiday season. And it’s likely that the majority of the action will take place at the table! Over the previous few weeks, I’ve spent some time in my dining room. Today, I’m going to show you How to Make a Statement  with the best Dining Room Ideas and show you how I did it in Sydney!

#1 Dining Room Idea, Make a Mood Board            

Mood Board for dining room

You can always find ideas and inspiration if you look hard enough in Sydney. If you don’t have time to visit locations where you can see real layouts of dining spaces for inspiration, you can utilise social media apps like Pinterest to search for ideas online. Collect colour palettes, themes, feelings, and the general concept of how you want your kitchen and dining room interior to look and lay them out to create a mood or inspiration board that you can refer to while making essential purchases to accomplish the look you desire.

Add Plants and Greenery to Dining Room Decor       

Plants and Greenery in Dining Room

Adding plants and other greenery to your dining room may make a huge difference and they are really good dining room decor ideas as well. Purchase a range of new pots and ceramics to house your plants, fill mismatched vases with fresh flowers, and add color with large pot plants. Nothing beats the smell of fresh flowers, especially fragrant ones. Keep it simple but striking by filling medium vases with the same flower species.

Make the Space as Warm and Inviting as Possible  

Wooden dining table and bench

If you have enough room, acquire a large dining table that everyone can sit at. It’s all about keeping your area as open as possible so you don’t feel isolated from your visitors. Add comfy chairs, textured soft furnishings, and oversized furniture to make the environment soothing, pleasant, and welcoming from your collection of dining room decor ideas.

Match your Favourite Tableware Set with Dining Room Interior    

Tableware Set on dining table

When styling your dining room interior for a special event such as a dinner party, combine your room decor like tableware collections or sets like those found in the Kopin Tableware Festive Dining collection in Sydney. By layering plates and placemats, you can bring all of your favorite items together. You should strive to create your dining room a welcoming, relaxing environment where everyone may feel at ease and participate.

Statement Sofas & Chairs       

Red statement sofa

The obvious location to produce some noise in a lounge setting in Sydney is in the upholstery. If the scale of a sofa is overwhelming, opt for a statement chair, and keep in mind that it’s not always about the fabric. The style and shape of your furniture may also cause a commotion.

There’s a statement sofa hard to deny given the glossy tangerine orange velvet fabric and two statement chairs in this soaring ceiling Goddard Littlefair living room, each with a rounded tub form that contrasts sharply with the other clean-lined silhouettes in the space.

Furniture that wants to be heard can be about volume and vibrancy, or it can just be about catching your sight and diverting it from another element in the room.

Add Statement Furniture in Living and Dining Room    

Statement Furniture in Living room

When you’re wanting to stand out from the crowd, some basic components in the living room and dining room ideas, such as table surfaces and storage providers, are just what the style doctor prescribed. The following are some examples of statement furniture in Sydney:

Material. Instead of wood or glass, opt for a coffee table made of unexpected material, such as gleaming granite. Alternatively, you can enlarge your work. It will be difficult to ignore if the dimensions are increased.

Colour. Furniture can be used to introduce an accent colour to your colour pallet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brilliant emerald green sofa or a deep wine armchair; what counts is that it’s not neutral.

Function. Could you welcome a piece of furniture that wouldn’t normally be found in a dining room ideas, such as an antique-inspired escritoire that you’ve turned into a bar? Perhaps you come across a bold design that makes its statement only when it’s put to use, allowing you to appreciate its brilliant and unique use. Play around as much as you want.

Add Statement Lighting to Dining Room Interior      

Statement Lighting in Dining Room

This could be one of the most captivating sights for your dining room. It’s not just about picking a beautiful light source; it’s also about knowing how to use it in the space for your living and dining room interior as well.

A good example is Elicyon’s contemporary chandelier in Sydney. Statement-making not just because of the stunning simplicity of each slender shaft of light, but also because of the striking effect they create when strung from the ceiling in a mass, giving the impression of being surrounded by shooting stars or torrents of golden rain. The light itself, the lighting given, and the transformational effect it has on the entire living area are all part of the illumination statement.

Add Statement Artwork to Dining Room Decor        

Statement Artwork in Dining Room

For one simple reason: art is a spectator sport. To breathe life into the living and dining room ideas set aside furniture and lighting because statement artwork can dominate everything else in the space. While your attention is naturally drawn to everything in a living room arrangement, the majority of the larger pieces are intended for utility. Sofas and chairs are for sitting, while coffee tables and side tables provide resting spots for drinks, periodicals, and other items.

Artwork, on the other hand, is meant to be seen, absorbed, and admired. It’s considered to be a window into the owner’s soul, tastes, and quirks. Art can reveal a lot about a person, thus the phrase is quite broad. If you make the art larger than life, the statement becomes even louder.

Dining Room Ideas: Statement Mirrors        

Statement Mirrors in dining room

Statement mirrors are a lot of fun, and their design is the first thing to notice in the living and dining room ideas. The frame of a mirror, like that of a piece of art, provides decoration, texture, and personality to any room.

A living space can take on a Baroque dimension, a Sub-Saharan vibe, or a beach-chic undertone that wouldn’t be out of place in The Hamptons with the addition of a mirror. They have a strong presence and are more than capable of carrying large personalities.

If you choose for a fun fishbowl look or an angular design, such as a triangular or hexagonal mirror, the glass can make just as big of a statement as the frame.

What you choose to reflect is the opposite side of a mirror’s statement. If you place it strategically, you’ll be able to mirror your room’s protagonist back to you, allowing you to savor the same remark again.

Dining Room Decor Ideas: Statement Rugs     

Statement Rugs in dining room

If you drop everything on the ground, you’ll be stepping right into and onto a statement. By starting with your feet, a striking rug adds drama to your flooring and ensures that the dining room idea is grounded by the hum of something brave and bold.

While many interior designers would advise you to acquire the largest rug you and your room can afford, smaller rugs have their place as well. You can use these to draw attention to a smaller area in your living room, changing the tempo and setting a new tone.

For example, if you’ve set out a section of the room for a small dining table and chairs, a striking rug helps to distinguish it as a separate space.

Similarly, if you want to create a cozy reading nook, look for a smaller sheepskin or loop-pile rug, which will eloquently communicate, “This is where things get cool, quiet, and collected as per your dining room decor ideas.”

Add Statement Wallpaper to Dining Room Interior         

Statement Wallpaper in Dining Room

From the walls to the floor and back, but this time the statement is more two-dimensional than three-dimensional. Paint colour is one way to make a statement on your living room walls, but wallpaper’s return allows you to fill them with a pattern, print, texture, and a variety of tones.

Decide if your wallpaper will reference an existing colour of the dining room interior or a colour that hasn’t been utilized before. Whether you want to reproduce a pattern that you’ve seen on your upholstery but a larger size, or if you want to attempt something fresh and different. Finally, decide if you want to wallpaper every available wall or create a focal point with only one. It’s the graffiti of a sophisticated and long-lasting adult.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful piece of art? For all lovers of art, incorporating a daring piece of art is the perfect way of bringing a classic statement. You might want to consider testing different sizes of art, or even different hues of art, in order to find the perfect one for you. 

You don’t have to embrace the entire dining room decor, instead pick a spot and make it come to life. A simple touch of having a stool can make the room that much cooler. It’s about making the space have a nice open and airiness without taking away from it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog! 

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