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How to Style Bookcases and Shelves

Traditionally, bookcases were used to store and manage your books. But, there’s plenty of room for them to grow into a lovely ornamental focal point. The first rule of bookshelf decorating is to make the room a paradise for photos, plants, and accessories rather than just books. Another key rule is to avoid stuffing your bookshelves to the brim – sometimes less is more! Here are some of our favourite book shelving ideas to get you started with shelf styling.

Shelf Styling Technique: Make Some Preparation 

Stylish Shelves

Placement is a wonderful place to start. First, decide which area best matches your bookshelf and then which place inside that space would best elevate and highlight your goods. Bookcases, like hanging shelves, can help cover gaps along wide, otherwise empty walls. For additional aesthetic freedom, hanging shelves can be installed on wide, blank walls between decorative elements such as paintings.

Additionally to bookcase ideas,When stocked with a good quantity of books, bookcases, in particular, may look fantastic. However, not everyone has a large personal library in Sydney. Bookcases tend to become storage locations for miscellaneous garbage due to their large amount of vacant space. Your modest collection of books, on the other hand, may blend in perfectly with a few well-picked accessories and plants with a bit of forethought.

Have a Good Time and Be Inventive!

Shelf decorating

Artwork, specifically in Sydney is a terrific way to spice up your shelves. Smaller pieces may balance bigger items, while enormous framed posters can help fill larger areas and make your shelves decorative. Nevertheless, don’t just throw in a bunch of random things even though you have room to fill. Everything on exhibit should be important and well-thought-out; alternatively, it risks becoming cluttered.

Don’t forget to include books. After all, that’s what bookcases are for! However, be inventive with how you arrange them. Forget about the bookshop and the libraries of Sydney: stack vertically-placed books and sideways stacks in various ways across the bookshelf. Maintain a consistent book size range, or organize books from largest to smallest. Also, as previously noted, keep complementary colour combinations together for shelf styling. You may place little things on top of stacks of books as a final touch to fill out the form of the pile.

Book Shelving Ideas 101: Lush greenery     

House plant on shelves

Nothing brings a place to life like some lush house plants. A sprig of greenery can perk up an entire room by adding texture to your shelves and a splash of colour. Look for visually appealing evergreen plants, such as a dangling Devil’s Ivy or a geometric succulent. Flower arrangements are also an excellent opportunity to experiment with a different colour scheme to use as a shelf decorative .

The Highs and The Lows      

Book shelving idea 

What happens now that you’ve chosen the items you’d like to showcase? A balanced effect is achieved by combining larger and smaller components. In book shelving ideas, Start with a few major fundamental items and accessorize with smaller, more complex things to establish a balanced style. Huge picture frames, showcase bowls, and tall pots are excellent pieces to use as a base or fill in gaps. The Brosa Dominic Wide Bookcase is a collectable pleasure, a brilliantly modern, Mid-century influenced piece with adequate storage to handle a range of objects of varied sizes while remaining light and fresh.

Ladder Shelves Styling    

Ladder Shelves Styling 

Ladder-style shelves are a terrific substitute for traditional cabinets and huge shelving units because they combine a rustic appeal with clever, space-saving ideas. Their tiny design and lightweight structure transform that forgotten, ancient corner into a usable and attractive location and make them great bookcase ideas. Choose the Brosa Lang Medium Wall Unit, which features a ladder-like bookshelf design that adds depth to any room without using up much area.

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