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Open Plan Living Room Ideas: Creating a Multifunctional Space

For the past few years, open space rooms have been sparking remodelling initiatives all around Sydney. Whether it’s an open-plan living room or an open-plan kitchen-dining area, we seem to prefer large multi-functional rooms to several smaller hideaways in homes. And, as new homes become smaller, open-plan is a great way to avoid cramped boxy rooms and make the most of the space we already have.

Most of us are trashing the walls to live in a more modern, collaborative manner than ever before. Let us tell you why: having an open living room design idea is not only a great way to open small spaces, but it can also make your space brighter, refreshing, and more inviting. We can also spend more time together because we may all be in the same room at the same time.

However, decorating these open areas might be difficult. If you don’t have walls, how can you make your home feel connected but distinct? As there are no solid inner walls, the open plan living room appears to be one large, open, and social space where everyone may easily interact. The key to getting it right is striking a balance between a sense of openness and the proper visual division of space. The Instant Furniture Outlet walks you through the process of transforming your confined Sydney living room into a bright, open-plan living space.

Wall Paints to Create Zones

Stylish Fabric Chair in Living Room by Instant Furniture Outlet

Our first open space living room idea is to use wall paints. Diverse personalities for different purposes don’t have to be missing in an open plan living space. Opening up a living room is a terrific way to make a larger space, which is good for a busy family. However, when it comes to lifestyle choices, it blurs the lines. Simple paint techniques on architectural elements like expanded door frames and arches help to subtly designate separate zones inside the open area.

Creating zones inside a bigger space helps to provide a living room end to that of a dining room area or a kids playroom a sense of purpose. This subtle approach of dividing the living space doesn’t undermine the goal of keeping it open; rather, it adds structure to how you use it.

Natural and Artificial Lighting Scheme for Open Plan Living 

Natural lighting in Open Living Space IFO

It’s recommended to design a lighting scheme for this open living room idea  that includes both functional and aesthetic light fixtures. Try to bring in as much natural light as possible. Your Sydney  home with sliding doors and double-height space creates a stunning first impression – and consider windows or a roof lantern on a single-story addition.

Different Textures for Distinct Areas  

Textured wall with furniture IFO

In this open living room design ideas create one continuous open-plan living space that is light and spacious, with a dark blue and green colour palette that runs throughout. You can create a distinct divide between the dining room and the living space by using contrasting textures and materials.

Separate Zones in an Open Plan  

IFO Separate Zones in Open Plan Space

Many contemporary layouts now abandon the traditional sitting space in favour of a more informal area that mixes in seamlessly with the kitchen and dining area. The open living room idea is to draw a boundary. Creating breaks in colour, design, flooring, and furniture while maintaining a flow that unites the design is the ideal method for zoning. Rugs are an excellent method to ‘zone’ a room.

Use Glass Doors 

Glass door in Living room with furniture IFO

Although your living room may not be technically open-plan, replacing traditional doors with a distinctive glass door frame helps to open up the space beyond. Let’s say you design  a  contemporary living room with lounges that opens up onto a large open-plan kitchen and dining space through glass doors with this open living room design idea.

The use of glass instead of hard materials makes the walls disappear – while also allowing you to close off the living area for more intimate use when you need some personal time.

Consistent Decor Scheme in Open Plan Living Room 

Open Plan Living Room Decor by Instant furniture outlet

Using a consistent decorative design throughout your Sydney home, create a seamless flow from one living area to the next. A delightfully blank canvas of sparkling white in a trendy open-plan living room makes the space feel airy and bright. In such a white living room design, symmetry on the shelf helps to mimic the decorating style – almost deceiving the eye into believing it’s the same area!

You’ll have a lot of versatility in terms of layout and style if you’re starting from scratch, but it’s also possible to transform an existing interior with our open living room ideas. When designing an open-plan living space, we also recommend sticking to a single, cohesive colour palette. If in doubt, go with a neutral colour plan while redecorating. We adore a monochromatically neutral design for an open concept space since neutrals are so peaceful. Last but not least, add a touch of nature to your home with house plants like succulents. They’re a terrific way to bring the outside in while also creating a visual connection between different areas.

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