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Small Bathroom Mirror Ideas You Will Love

Any space in your Sydney home, including your bathroom, can thrive from the use of mirrors. Mirrors serve as decorative statements as well as being functional, transforming even the most basic of spaces into a beautiful retreat. Many of our designs complement your small bathroom mirror, while adding a whole fresh perspective. All the while, these mirrors — some framed, some frameless — reflect natural and overhead light, making the space feel even larger than it is.

Why settle for a basic, unattractive mirror with a bland frame when you may have something far more interesting? They are available in furniture outlets in several different styles, designs, and shapes. So, without further ado, here are some of the best bathroom mirror ideas to liven up your Sydney home bathroom. These stunning mirror ideas are fun, elegant, and innovative whether you’re remodelling an old bathroom or building a new one.

You’re sure to discover the right mirror idea here, whether you’re looking to make a dramatic statement, a neutral bathroom mirror to suit a more neutral design, or an unusually shaped mirror to fit an awkwardly shaped space or solve a problem in your Sydney home.

Warm Wood Mirror

Warm Wood Mirror from Instant furniture outlet

One of the bathroom vanity mirror ideas is to add a touch of wood to a cool white marble bathroom. Select a mirror that is the right size for the vanity, with a wooden finish and beautiful grain that adds a natural aspect to the space. You won’t have to compromise the bathroom’s bright and airy style thanks to the mirror’s thin trim and curved corners.

Boho Theme Bathroom Mirror

Boho Theme Bathroom Mirror by Instant furniture outlet

The texture is apparent in the best boho-chic and tropical-themed bathrooms. For this boho-inspired small bathroom mirror idea, swap a smooth metal mirror with one made of rattan or handcrafted from wood to add some character. Both of these elements are natural, making them fascinating to gaze at and feel. The warm, warm hue of the mirror also brightens the walls.

Classic Circle Mirror 

Classic Circle Mirror from Instant furniture outlet

Bathroom Mirrors in the shape of circles are as classic and stylish as they come. Place it in the middle of your vanity so that lights may be hung on both sides for a consistent glow. The round mirrors‘ gently curved form provides a softer touch to any room. Because of the way they reflect light, these mirrors make your rooms appear brighter and more spacious.

A Big Horizontal Mirror

Big Horizontal Bathroom Mirror by Instant furniture outlet

Skip the conventional circle mirrors instead of something with a distinctive design for something a little more interesting. Go for a unique horizontal mirror for this bathroom mirror idea and attach modest glass sconces to both ends of a framed mirror for an unusual reflection. To make a small space appear larger, choose a frame that matches the wall colour. Make a space that is stylish and on-trend all at the same time.

Add a Tilted Mirror 

 Tilted Bathroom Mirror by Instant furniture outlet

With this bathroom vanity mirror idea,  don’t let a lack of wall space stop you from spending all day staring at yourself in the mirror. When you tilt a vanity mirror towards you, you may see more of yourself and your attire while seeing less of the plain background behind you. Innovative. To make a space look even bigger, use a tilted mirror, wall lights, and a complimentary wall colour in your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror Up to the Ceiling 

Bathroom Mirror Up to the Ceiling Instant furniture outlet

In the realm of design, ceiling mirrors are having a moment. There’s something about them that’s both playful and fashionable while being laid-back. Add a mirror that reaches to the ceiling to help bring emphasis to your bathroom’s size. With this small bathroom mirror idea, you can make your small bathroom seem a lot bigger.

Triangle Shaped Bathroom Mirror

Triangle Shaped Bathroom Mirror from Instant furniture outlet

Take note of this, if you enjoy experimenting with shape and changing up design combinations. Choose a mirror with a triangle shape—how about it for a mirror shape? If the curvature of your bathroom ceiling makes it impossible to include traditional designs, try this unconventional shape. This gives your bathroom a more distinctive and interesting appearance.

Bathroom Mirror with Secret Shelves

Bathroom Mirror with Secret Shelves Instant furniture outlet

Choose a small bathroom mirror design with open shelves crammed in at the rear to keep things simple while still fitting in a small bathroom storage option to your mirror. Use this bathroom mirror shelf unit to store your essentials immediately behind the mirror so you can grab and tuck them away fast without the hassle of cupboards or handles.

Choosing the right bathroom mirror ideas for your Sydney home has the potential to elevate your bathroom décor from ordinary to amazing. A mirror will go a long way toward helping you get the aesthetic you want, whether you want a glamorous feminine bathroom or a moody, utilitarian one.

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