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Sofa Bed Vs. Futon Bed – Which Is Better?

If you need to provide extra sleeping space in your Sydney home for guests but don’t know where to start, there are a few alternatives to consider. A sofa bed and a futon sofa are the two most popular choices. They both are excellent additions to any home. The major aspect of both, which are designed to serve different functions, is that they conserve space in your Sydney Home. These designs are both suitable and practical for small apartments. But which is more comfortable: the futon or the sofa?

The choice between these beds, like so many other things, comes down to what you need it for and what you can afford. Both pieces of furniture have upsides and downsides. While one may be more comfortable, it is not always simpler to transport it! 

Both beds are pieces of furniture that may be used as a couch or a bed depending on the situation. They’re designed to save space and double as an extra sleeping area, they just go about it differently.

Sofa Bed    

Dark Grey Sofa Bed

A comfy sofa bed is an adaptable piece of furniture that looks like a lounge most of the time but has a concealed mattress underneath that allows people to accommodate overnight guests when they don’t have a spare bed in the Sydney house. The couch’s cushions are removed, and a bed frame is lifted from the sofa, stretched out, and changed into a bed.

Futon Bed    

Black Colored Futon Bed

A futon bed is a mattress that may be folded into a sofa or other piece of furniture. They come in three different thicknesses, similar to a mattress: soft, medium, and firm. They also come in common mattress sizes, allowing you to simply select the perfect futon size for you. Even while in the sitting posture, it seems to be nothing more than a covered mattress. Futons are frequently used in small spaces, such as apartments or flats. They may be used as a sofa in an office or study, and because they fold out, they can quickly be converted into a sleeping room.

Several important aspects should be considered before choosing this piece from a furniture outlet.

Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. But which one is better? Let us help you to make your choice. 

Each of these pieces of furniture is suitable for sleeping and sitting, however, the decision must be made based on:

  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Affordability

Sofa Bed vs Futon Bed- Comfort      

Sofa Bed    

Sofa Bed Navy Blue

Since these have been around longer than futons, designers have refined them to the point where they feel like conventional sofas when sat on. This means they can provide you with the following functions:

  • A typical sofa’s balanced seating
  • A typical sofa’s comfort
  • A typical sofa’s support

As the bed is hidden within the couch and is a separate component, the comfy sofa bed retains all of its function and comfort qualities when used as a sofa.


Futon bed navy blue

For several reasons, traditional futon beds are at a disadvantage in this category. Since a futon is simply a folded mattress, it often does not provide the same level of support and comfort as others. Many simple wooden framed futons include a seat that tilts up at the knees, giving the impression that the person is folded up like the mattress.

Because they provide part of the mattress, futon sofa seats are also a little deeper than sofa seats. Low back support becomes problematic as a result of this. This, along with the fact that the seat of certain futons can tilt forward at the knees, can make getting in and out difficult.

Sofa Bed vs Futon- Design     

Sofa Bed    

Sofa Bed light grey

Sofa Beds are available in a wide range of designs, shapes, and styles. The colour options are endless, and you can even purchase a matching ottoman and chair. A sectional that converts to a queen or king-sized bed are also available.

Convertible comfy sofa beds resemble conventional couches when closed because that is exactly what they are. They may, however, be made to suit almost any decor or area. They are more adaptable and durable than any futon you can buy.


Futon bed light grey

The majority of the time, futon beds do not match the rest of the furniture. Even though you may probably find a set that looks great together, it will never look as stylish as a convertible sofa set. Futons are pretty appealing, although they don’t appear to be “permanent.”

Sofa Bed vs Futon- Affordability    

Sofa Bed   

Turquoise coloured Sofa Bed

These are more expensive because they need more skill and time to build. A futon is just a large cushion put onto a convertible frame at its most basic level. That does not need nearly as much work. Buying a basic bed and sofa of the same value would be more expensive than purchasing a comfy sofa bed. The comfort of them grows as you spend more!


wooden futon bed

No matter how you look at it, futon beds are the less expensive alternative of the two. However, no matter what you do, they will never be as beautiful and comfy as others.  The comfort of the newer, more costly futons, on the other hand, may surprise you. Even if you choose the most expensive futon sofa, it will cost less than a sofa.


Both of these are excellent options for accommodating overnight visitors in your Sydney home. The ability to create a bed out of thin air is extremely useful and, in both instances, rather simple. Both types of furniture have benefits and drawbacks.

Sofa beds are often more comfortable as both a sitting and sleeping space. Futon beds,  on the other hand, are known for compromising some comfort for the sake of being lightweight, slim, and trim.

The actual difference is that futons are far less expensive than others. And, with their modern, sofa-like appearance, they’re usually the best option for a buyer on a budget who wants something functional. If you can afford it, though, there is nothing like owning a comfy sofa bed that functions as both a bed and a sofa.

Thank you for reading!

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