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Stylish bookcase Shelves from Instant furniture Outlook

How to Style Bookcases and Shelves

Traditionally, bookcases were used to store and manage your books. But, there’s plenty of room for them to grow into a lovely ornamental focal point. The first rule of bookshelf decorating is to make the room a paradise for photos, plants, and accessories rather than just books. Another key rule is to avoid stuffing your […]

Best decor Plants for Living Room from IFO

How to Choose the Right Plant to Spruce up your Living Room

The first thing that would have come to your mind when you read the title would be a tall green plant in the corner of the room or beside a polished sitting. Also, you can never go wrong with how you keep it which is why it’s probably your favourite way to decorate with plants, […]

Study Room Furniture in Australia by IFO

Top 3 Study Room Decoration Tips

A Study room should be functional, creative and most importantly inspiring to fire up your imagination!Β  Study rooms are places where one can be inspired and motivated to reach great heights.Β  Always pick a room in your Sydney house that has less footfall. Select a room with a soothing colour palette that helps your focus […]

Kitchen Furniture White from Instant furniture outlet

7 Amazing Tips To Brighten Up Your Dark Kitchen

If one of the most important rooms in your home is stuck looking like a dark cavern then there is a problem. This room deals with cooking, knives, fire and so much more where lighting is key to get around as well as serve scrumptious dishes. We will talk about a few tips and tricks […]


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