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The Next Big Thing Is Boucle Furniture

Bouclé means “curly” in French, named for its finish. It has a soft, silky feel without wrinkles. It has an irregular surface made up of yarn with knots. Furniture trends upholstered in bouclé are warm and comfortable, no matter where it’s placed. It is also very versatile since they can pair it with wood or other materials. 

Bouclé’s unique textural appeal, is one reason it has become such a popular choice, is down to the way it’s woven. It has been in the carpet game for a while now and is still one of the most fashionable, soft and comfortable textiles on the market. Its softness is comparable to that of a cloud, and its durability is comparable to that of classic wool. Its ability to be used as a floor covering, as well as upholstery, only adds to its appeal.

The cooler months are the perfect time to experiment with bouclé in your home because tactile fabrics can add warmth and comfort to any room. Find everything you need for your interiors at furniture outlet to achieve the bouclé look, from plump armchairs to bedheads.


Embrace The Bouclé Trend In Your Home

Traditionally used to add texture and warmth to modern or minimalist spaces, bouclé furniture can be used as an accent, cushion, or sofa piece.


Decorating The Living Room With Bouclé Furniture

From classic neutral colours like black, white and grey, to boulder, more retro-inspired shades like turquoise and mustard, the options for bouclé are endless. Because of its fluffy appearance, bouclé is also a fab choice for adding a cozy feel to a room. Not to mention, it’s also a great way to inject a little texture into a room.


Bouclé Sofa

A lounge is a crowning glory for any living space, and a bouclé sofa is an ultimate way to achieve a bouclé look. The best part about a bouclé sofa is that you can tailor it to your own personal style, whether that’s something more classic and understated, or something more bold and colorful. A super soft and comfy bouclé sofa is the perfect place to curl up and watch a film, or to host a special occasion in style. It will add an element of comfort to the space, as well as a pleasing textural feel. 


Bouclé Rug

A neutral bouclé rug is a great place to start, and can be teamed with a bouclé throw to add an extra splash of colour, or with a bouclé sofa for maximum impact. Alternatively, you could choose a patterned bouclé to inject a bit of variety. If you’re after a more classic look, a bouclé plaid cushion is a great way to achieve a bouclé look on a budget, or to jazz up an existing sofa. You could also combine a neutral bouclé throw with a patterned bouclé rug to create a more retro feel.


Bouclé Dining Chairs

With boucle dining chairs, you can integrate this style into your home in a more subtle way. It is possible to use bouclé chairs in other areas of the house as well.


Bouclé Ottoman 

Decor trends can be dabbled in with ottomans and poufs without making a big commitment. With these smaller, movable pieces, you can easily move them from room to room, so boucle-covered ottomans and poufs are the perfect way to incorporate this fabric into your home. Besides adding texture to any space, boucle ottomans are soft and can be perfect for a living room, but they would also make great additions to kids’ rooms.


Adding Bouclé Accents To Your Bedroom 

Bouclé is a bold yet sophisticated choice for your bedroom furniture package, adding a bit of texture and warmth to the space while also helping to blend in bolder colours. You can then build on this by adding a bouclé pouffe, or perhaps a bouclé throw, to add some texture to the space. The softness of the material will help to soften up the look of the room, and the neutral colors will work well with other colors, without them dominating the space.

Bouclé is also a great accent fabric to add to your bedroom, whether that’s as a bouclé duvet or a bouclé pillow. This will help to inject some texture into the space and will make your bed feel extra soft and cozy. You could also choose a bouclé quilt instead, if you prefer a more subtle look. 


Bouclé Armchair 

Bouclé is also an excellent material to use as an armchair. The Bouclé Armchair is soft and comfortable, making it the perfect upholstery choice to stretch out, read and relax. It’s also a great choice if you want to add a bit of color to your space without committing to a bunch of pillows! This is a more low-key way to integrate boucle into your home’s design.


Bouclé Pillows 

Using throw pillows is another simple but effective way to add boucle to your home decor. If you want a seasonal update, swap out your pillows. The Bouclé pillow covers can be pulled out in the winter, and then retired during warmer months. With pillow covers so inexpensive, it’s an easy way to test out the bouclé trend without committing much money.

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