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Tips to Design a Minimalist Living Room

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about minimalist interior design? Do you see clean corners, clutter-free living spaces, less colour, and modern furniture? If yes then you are not too far from the actual meaning of minimalist living room furniture design. This is due to the fact that minimal design can be done with vibrant colours, but it all comes down to the amount of stuff present in the room. Less stuff creates more space physically and is mentally calming.

Just sticking to the essentials, in simpler terms.

Here are some tips you need to follow if you’re aiming to create a minimalist space for your living room.

Start By Decluttering

The first step to minimalist living is decluttering, which means to just keep the essentials and either get rid of or store away anything else that you feel isn’t that important to keep in sight. Less is the way to go! Any tiny knick-knacks or large decor pieces must be removed to reduce the cramped feeling of the room. There’s no rush while doing this. Take your time and check every item and object to seeing if it is essential or not. Store away any major pieces that carry sentimental value and get rid of the rest.

Scale It Out

Planning is very important while aiming for a minimal room. Throwing in a bunch of small contemporary furniture doesn’t make it minimal. Start off by seeing the layout of your space and then picking a few large pieces of furniture like lounges which can accommodate more people as well as be restricted to a certain area. This will add to the space of the room and provide an overall roomy feel.

Just remember that the scale of your room matters and adding in items of varying shapes and sizes will help to make your room feel more open as well as aesthetic.

Think About The Colour And Theme

There are millions of colours you can choose from to create the theme you want to follow. For a minimal design, it’s best to go with the most neutral hue of any colour. Most people tend to lean towards whites or greys as it gives the illusion of more space but you can easily incorporate pastel shades of blues, reds, and yellows. 

Bright colours can be added in the form of artwork, rugs, or decor to enhance the style of the room. Colour coded bookshelves can go a long way to give you that aesthetic appeal. It tends to look more organized and fits well with the theme you’re going for.

Add Some Environment-Friendly Touches

Get the essence of the greenery outside into your living room by adding a few plants to make it feel clean and fresh. Using glass vases or neutral-coloured clay pots on simple elegant tables will take you a step further to the ultimate minimal living room.

Use more indoor plants that don’t require much sunlight otherwise you’ll have to make frequent trips outside your home to give the plants the sunlight they need which can be tiring for you and unhealthy for the plants. You’ll be surprised at how by just adding a few houseplants the whole room is brought to life. 

Make Use Of Floating Shelves 

Using floating shelves is a great way to organize the items in your room without having to invest in bulky pieces of furniture and compromising on the minimalism you’re aiming for. Books, plants, photo frames to add your personal touch, and other small knick-knacks can be added. This will allow your room to bring out its personality, feel brighter, and clean.

Pair It Up

Aside from clearing out those non-essential items you’ve got to make sure everything you add in the room pairs well with the walls so that the final output has a unified design. There isn’t a single piece while putting it together that isn’t important. From stylish furniture like the fabric lounges to the smallest decorative item, they all have their own role to play to make sure your living room brings out the best of minimalism.


When you initially begin to make the transition into simpler living, it can be tough to part with some of your stuff as they would have some story behind it. Keep in mind that going minimal is all about staying simple. You can add those pieces back later but remember to keep the quantity at the bare minimum. 

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