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Top 3 Study Room Decoration Tips

A Study room should be functional, creative and most importantly inspiring to fire up your imagination!  Study rooms are places where one can be inspired and motivated to reach great heights. 

Always pick a room in your Sydney house that has less footfall. Select a room with a soothing colour palette that helps your focus stay intact. Never settle for a broken chair or table to sit in whilst studying/working. 

The trick is to use purposeful and easy-going decorations, something that you can find in a home furniture online store, that do not distract you from where you are supposed to be paying attention. 

Study room ideas are perfect for growing kids. It gives their mind an elegant aura that will keep things calm and serene during those tough exam times. 

The study unit should also have an interesting floating open shelf design where you can display books, clocks and other essentials. The room should have a small laminated bed that is suitable for a school-going kid. And the most important part of a study room that makes it a study room decoration would be a Whiteboard with multicolour art that serves as the hub of everyday creativity and breaks the minimalistic theme!

Furnish to manifest concentration 

A study room is a space that should reflect a person’s character, uniqueness and personality. A study room should be organized, furnished and decorated in a way that when a person walks in they should be compelled to feel focused, productive and comfortable without any distractions coming their way!

And that does not mean that it should seem boring or austere! Therefore, you should be making the most of a wall by furnishing it with a long, wall-mounted shelf unit or a custom storage space for books and desk accessories as well as a few decorations along with a few stools that fit nicely underneath. 

There should also be plenty of space here for everything including a cozy window seat! The layout of the study room should be according to the user’s lifestyle and needs. It is also why custom furniture is always a good option to go to for your small study room ideas! It allows you to make the most of the room including only details and elements you will need! 

It is always nice to simplify things as much as possible when you have a small study room. You can always spruce it up with an inspirational poster, something handmade and crafty to adapt to the user’s personality. Apart from just the studies and work the room should also seem like a place to read and relax as well!!

A calm colour scheme: Small study room ideas

A peaceful study room should follow the colour scheme as an integral part of small study room ideas. Pastel colours are the best in creating a peaceful ambience! A tabletop near to the wall having enough storage space can be used with foldable shelves on the wall! Here you would also be able to show your love for plants. 

Also, choose appropriate light so it does not strain your eyes. And remember cool white light is better for a study environment because warm yellow light mimics the sunlight! 

You can also occupy the floor with a colourful carpet in the study room. It would be wise to remove all unnecessary electronic gadgets from the study room. 

Also, if you have the space you can also add a small comfy chair so you can also have a change of scenery within the study room itself! De-clutter the room as much as possible if you are a person that gets distracted easily then keep it as bare as possible! 

Add small features to create multiplied effect

You can add some small pieces that will make your space feel friendlier and more colourful, like throw pillows, a rug, curtains, or some artwork for the walls. Be careful with your study ideas so as to not make the room too busy, though, or it’ll feel cluttered and cramped. Use mostly neutral colours with a few accent pieces here and there.

You can choose lampshades or a rug that are complementary colours to what you’ve chosen for the walls and furniture. You can also include a corkboard to put up things you like or pictures of your friends and family. And with that, it’s time to put your study ideas in action.

Helen Cressley says that “you also want to be able to motivate yourself through the room, so pick artwork that will inspire you, whether it’s motivational quotes or travel images. If you feel inspired as soon as you walk in, you’re already helping yourself succeed.” 

Hope this list of study room decoration tips help and inspire you!

Thanks for reading. 

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