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Trending Bathroom Designs That Will Rule 2022

We’re already seeing bathroom transformations across the country, from oversized mirrors to custom-designed toilet seats.Bathroom linen cabinets are an attractive piece of furniture for a bathroom look.You can also look at Furniture outlets to get more ideas for your space.


The trend isn’t stopping anytime soon, and we can’t wait to see what the next few years bring. The bathroom is a space where you can spend long minutes just staring at your reflection. It’s a place where you can unwind, get ready, and relax. 

We’ve compiled a guide of some of the bathroom decor trends you can expect to see in 2022.


Bathroom Trends In 2022

The Warmer Colors

seeing more and more warm colors in bathrooms. As we are in mid 2022, we can expect to see more changes to the interior for bathrooms. The bathroom walls will be painted in inviting shades including beige, tan, terracotta, and wood. Gray has been the go-to neutral for bathroom design for years, but in 2022, we’ll see more and more beige used as a neutral backdrop for bolder colors and patterns. Gray will still be used in small amounts for accent or for specific design elements, but it will become more of a background color.


All-in-One Shower/Bath 

Not only can we see more glass divider shower-and-bathtub combinations, but we’re also seeing more of a play with tile. The shower-and-tub combination is definitely a bathroom trend that will continue into the future, but we’re also seeing more tile options in addition to glass. We’re seeing more tile that can be used as a shower surround as well as a tub surround, which helps to define areas of the shower and bath. Likewise, we’re seeing an increase in wall tile options that can be used in conjunction with a glass divider.


Indoor-Outdoor Merger 

The bathroom is an ideal space for blending indoor and outdoor elements. For example, we’re starting to see more glass walls in the bathroom, which allow you to have an indoor space that feels like it is on par with an outdoor space. This bathroom decor is most opted in Sydney. You’ll also see more timber used indoors in the bathroom, which opens up the space and adds texture while providing a feeling of warmth.


Wet Room  

With the wet room concept, you don’t have to worry about a single toe running into a puddle. For one thing, the bath, sink, and shower can all fit together in the same compartment, so you don’t need a separate shower cubicle. The wet room helps to keep the bathroom dry by providing a large area that’s easy to clean. It also provides a sense of enclosure, which can be useful with soaps and other products that tend to be messy.


Showerheads with Twin Heads  

A bigger shower and twin showerhead means two people can refresh simultaneously, which is practical as well as beautifully symmetrical. In addition, this feature frames new bathroom designs elements and trendy bathroom tiles. To make your fixtures stand out even more, choose finishes that contrast the room’s color scheme. For example, black finishes will contrast light palettes and white finishes will stand out in darker rooms. The twin showerheads are again the hottest bathroom decor in Sydney.


Beautiful Bathroom Decor Ideas 2022  

Bathroom design continues beyond structure and fixtures. Decor today is just as important as essential items. You can create a stunning and inviting interior by paying as much attention to the decoration as the bathroom design


Pedestal and Blossoms  

Pedestal and blooms, accent stools, and choose right living greens are perfect for living spaces with limited floor space or a small bathroom footprint. They’re also great for adding interest, helping to break up the monotony of standard bathroom decor. Living greens have been a bathroom trend for 2022.


Victorian Touch 

Romantic bathroom décor ideas are on the rise in 2022. A touch of romance is making its way into bathrooms in the form of Victorian-style accessories. From accent stools to pedestal sinks, these accessories add a touch of romance to any bathroom space. They’re also great for adding interest, helping to break up the monotony of standard bathroom decor. Bold color palettes, such as orange and red, are also making their way into bathroom designs in 2022. Adding ornate bathroom mirrors, stone basins, and brass faucets to your bathroom interior will make it look dreamy.


Key Master Bathroom Trends 2022  

In 2022, the master bathroom is an indulgence, a retreat, and a place where you can truly go to relax. With new trends, you can add color and life to the space, and in turn, create a relaxing, rejuvenating atmosphere.


Tub Without Beyonds  

There is one element that’s become a forever favorite, the bathtub in the bedroom.Even though this style profile is not new, it gets a makeover. Bathtubs without beyonds are a luxurious indulgence for bath lovers. Bathtubs are always in trend in Sydney. 


Statement Wallpaper

You can also go a little wild with wallpaper in the bath. Bold, exaggerated floral or flowing motifs set an impressive backdrop for master bathroom trends in 2022. The look is often achieved by using luxury materials, such as marble countertops, plush towels, and ornate faucets. Incorporating a walk-in shower is also a popular master bath trend.

Bathroom trends change every year, it’s what we do. Future bathroom design is set to be even more futuristic – with technologies like voice control coming into play.

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