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10 Ways to Maximize a Small Hallway

The hallway is usually one of the most neglected areas of our homes in Sydney, acting as a dumping ground for shoes, coats, papers, keys, and other odd items grabbed at the last minute while leaving the house. However, being the first section of your house to meet guests, it is well worth the time and effort to ensure your hallway has an instant wow factor.

With smart small hallway ideas, renovating and furnishing a small area no longer has to be difficult. It also can be a welcoming space, complete with clever storage and tasteful decorative touches. Space should never be an issue if you know how to use it well.

There are lots of possibilities for narrow hallways that won’t make you feel like you’re compromising aesthetic or efficient use of space at your home in Sydney, from mirrors that create an illusion of a larger entryway to slender furnishings that reach the ceiling. It all gets down to being imaginative with the freshest entryway small hallway ideas and designs to make the results stand out.

“Small is Beautiful”- Transform your small entryway with these ideas that will help you make the most of a small area. With these inspirational ideas, you can enhance the sense of space in your entry hall and make a terrific first impression. So, are you ready to transform your little doorway into the spectacular entrance for your home in Sydney you’ve always wanted?

Let’s get started.

Lightning Up your Narrow Hallway  

Lightning up Hallway

The simple entryway small hallway idea to enlarge the tiny hallway is to alter the lighting. Given the absence of natural light in small entryways, serious consideration of your artificial lighting is important. Rather than choosing bright overhead lights that create a pool impression, we recommend layering light levels using wall and table lamp combinations. The materials you use in your lighting options must also be considered because narrow corridors might seem tight, it’s a good idea to utilise glass blinds to maximise natural light and give a sense of spaciousness.

Hand-blown glass has an unrivalled reflecting quality, creating delicate and appealing layers of light whether turned on or off. Clear glass blinds enable light to pass through while avoiding the visual imposition that heavier lighting might cause.

Add a Mirror in your Small Hallway    

Mirror in hallway

A simple tip for turning a small hallway into a large space is to add a mirror.

You may choose any size and design as long as it feels good to you and complements the rest of the room. And, because you’re usually on the run, a mirror will come in useful for last-minute touch-ups and checks before stepping out the door.

Addition of Practical Storage       

Storage space in hallway

Invest in some useful small hallway decorating ideas and solutions, such as a bench with built-in storage, a console table with convenient drawers, boxes or baskets, and, of course, a coat and hat hanger or hooks. From modern streamlined furniture to antique trunks, there is a vast range of options. So, whichever style you want, you’ll be able to discover something to suit your demands. Make it easy for everyone to make that stress-free rush out of the home by adding creative storage to your hallway.

Hang Sliding Doors         

Sliding Doors

A sliding door takes up less room than the thickness of the door, unlike a normal hinged door that requires floor space to swing open. These sliding doors have a very basic mechanism that is straightforward to install if you’re a good DIYer. In this small hallway idea just keep in mind that because barn doors move and hang to the side of the door, you’ll need wall space to slide the door over.

Utilising the Wall Space of Narrow Hallway 

wall space of narrow hallway

Entryways are perfect for layering beloved artwork since they have so much wall space. In these narrow hallway ideas, there are two very powerful methods to make a statement with wall art. The first step is to experiment with size.

Make the most of the available wall space by selecting a large-scale piece that runs the whole length of the wall. It will be bold and unique.

Making an art wall is another creative method to make a statement. Experiment with a variety of work in various sizes, colours, and genres. 

We recommend hanging art at or slightly above eye level, and never overlook the significance of framing – this is an expense you should never save on. The perfect frame may completely change a picture and is crucial to the overall aesthetic of the piece.

Small Hallway Ideas: Experiment with Colours

Hallway Colour scheme

Colour splashing is a hallway style that is now being used in small hallway decorating ideas. By painting woodwork, vents, the ceiling, and doors the same colour as the walls, this contemporary, integrated technique has a big impression.

This will produce a cohesive concept, with each feature treated in the same way, and will make a design statement whether entering or seeing the entryway from other areas in your house.

Add Colourful Wallpapers       

Hallway Colourful wallpapers

Since narrow entryways and hallways are more like thoroughfares than spaces where we spend time, it’s critical to be bold with pattern and colour – something to elevate the spirits as soon as you walk in. Wallpapers can be used in entryways to provide richness and warmth to a space that may be sparsely furnished. They can come in enormous sizes, making them ideal for extended spaces.

Floating Shelves to Decorate Small Hallway   

Floating Shelves

For these narrow hallway ideas, without taking up any floor space, a floating shelf is ideal for dropping keys and stacking mail. To make the most of your wall space, look for one with built-in hooks or construct your own.

Narrow Hallway Ideas: Add Potters     

Potters in Hallway

Plants will provide liveliness to your entryway. To create a bigger effect, choose a colourful planter or plant stand that may sit on the floor or be hung on the wall.

Elevated Storage to Save Floor Space  

Elevated Storage

The ability to view more of the floor can instantly make any space appear more spacious, especially a narrow corridor area. Slim, wall-mounted cabinets are a great way to get storage off the floor and into the vertical area. This clever entryway small hallway idea reveals how hallway shoe storage can also be used as a storage shelf to keep other items close to reaching.

Start these ideas to make your small hallways seem bigger!

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