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How To Make A Small Bedroom Look And Feel Bigger

Smaller bedrooms are known to be notoriously hard to decorate since you have to manage a lot of details in a small space. But a well-designed room has the ability to make you completely forget the size as you will be more focused on the aesthetics. Good arrangement paired with simple and stylish ideas can go a long way to accomplish the mission of making your space seem bigger than what it actually is. 

Here are some quick and easy methods you can incorporate to make your bedroom more spacious and airy. Give it a try!

Use Light or a Neutral Colour Palette

Make sure your walls possess a light or soft-toned colour especially shades of white. Match your bedding to these colours to bring an elegant look, and also helps space feel more open in airy. The bed will tend to blend in with its surroundings this way which will create a soothing and calm atmosphere. You can also add some artistic colourful throws to add some vibrance to the bedding as well.

Curtains Placed Higher Up

For small bedrooms make sure to place your curtains closer to the ceiling as it will bring your attention higher making it seem more spacious inside. This is an easy hack but one thing to make sure is that your curtains are bought with the length from the ceiling in mind. Otherwise, you’ll be able to peep out the window easily and this will beat the whole purpose of placing them up there in the first place. 

Go for simple plain curtains that won’t make your room feel heavy and cramped. 

Storage Is Everything!

Multi-functional furniture is not only a money-saver but also can help you save a ton of space if you have a tiny bedroom. Bedding with storage drawers inbuilt is the perfect addition to store away extra bedding, clothes, and all sorts of other clutter. Also adding dressers with mirrors are perfect multi-functional furniture pieces for your bedroom.

They also tend to make it easily accessible to find the stuff you’re looking for and hold a large capacity of things.

Make Use of Light And Mirrors

Lighting is one of the most key components to help bring out the roomy feeling. If you have lots of natural light seeping through then you are lucky but in case you don’t get much then you have to invest in some good light fixtures. Brighten up your space and then using mirrors strategically place them around so it adds more depth and creates an illusion of there being more space.

Try placing an oversized mirror on the darkest wall of your room, or hang a pair of mirrors behind your bedside tables for a lovely symmetrical vibe.

Use Minimal Bedside Tables

Bedside tables that are of minimal design and storage can give you the comfort of having something next to the bed as well complement your small bedroom interiors as well. Either mirror finished, floating, or light coloured tables can be used. Keep just the main essential items on the tables to avoid cluttering the surface even if it may be hard to at first.

Just above the tables, you can use wall sconces so that you have lighting for the room and avoid large bulky bed lamps altogether.

Add Large Scale Art And Rugs 

The larger the better. This helps increase the feeling of visual space in your small bedroom. It adds some personality to your room and complements the theme you are trying to incorporate. 

Rugs tend to work wonders in smaller rooms. Using oversized rugs can create a larger surface space through either neutral or aesthetic designs. You can also use small ones, especially during the colder months by layering them one on top of the other. For layering, it’s best to use a base solid colour one and then a patterned one above it. The rug works to connect the pieces together and creates a nice sense of proportion in a small bedroom.

Transparent Furniture For The Win!

With the use of furniture and another decor that is transparent, we can add more visual space to anyone who checks out the room. Simple furniture like chairs, lamps, etc. can be used as it’s always a major plus to have furniture that serves multiple purposes.


Thanks for reading! Hope this blog gives you a different perspective on how to tackle the interiors of small bedrooms. This could soon become your favourite room in the whole house. Try them out today and see what sort of look you end up with. You can also browse through our vast collection of bedroom suites and pick the one of the lots that suits your taste the best.

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