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How to Style Your Bedside Table

One of the furniture pieces that are overlooked quite often are the bedside tables. We don’t really think about it but having it around gives a sense of use and practicality next to us as we sleep. Arranging your bedside table is a work of art in itself. Many times there are either too much or too few happenings which make it not as pleasing as you hoped it would be. You need to mix and match to find the right contrast or combination that ties your bedside arrangements together. 

It’s the perfect addition to give your bedroom a complete look that is reflecting your personal style as well as providing practical use.

Still unsure how you should begin. Here are a few tips to help you get the winning bedroom arrangement.

Get the Height Just Right for your Bedside Table

The general thumb rule that usually is followed is that the bedside table matches the height from the ground to the top of the mattress. If you want to avoid the straight flat look you can try playing around with different heights to add a dynamic dimension.

Create a harmonious, calm and balanced bedroom by arranging your bedside table with care. This will help in creating that tranquil atmosphere you are looking for and be awarded with sound sleep.

Keep It Practical 

An untold balance between style, functionality, and convenience is what you should aim to carry out. Even if you want the look of the bedside tables to pop out more, there are ways in which you can add more focus on them by reducing the impact through simple furniture for the pieces in the bedroom. 

Since bedside tables are more than just the look, just stop and think if this will be practical for your home. Does it have enough storage? What kind of items will I put in them? Ask these questions to yourself just before you make the final purchase. Invest in double-duty designs that serve a purpose but also complement your decor scheme.

Add Your Personal Touch to the Bedroom

Through pictures, ornaments, or sketches done by you or someone you love you’re adding sentimental value which is one beautiful way to enhance the bedside table and make it truly yours. Candles can be used to help create a soothing aroma around the room that will help you fall into a deep slumber.

Add Some Symmetry To Your Style

Working around symmetry is a striking yet pleasing method to enhance the outlook of your bedroom. With the help of identical arrangements on either side in a similar place you can create the illusion of the room being mirrored. Use matching accents and there is restriction whether it must be vibrant or subtle. You can make the call to see whichever goes well with your theme. Emphasizing more on aesthetics will surely leave you with attractive bedsides.

Think Minimal

Less is more is a motto you need to follow religiously while doing most of your interiors if you want to retain a subtle vibe to your spaces. Don’t over-style your tables with many tiny knick-knacks. Instead, try to pick out statement pieces that can tie the place together and also seem less chaotic. This helps in stepping out from the norm while still maintaining an elegant look and feel. It’s important to remember that accessories are there to enhance, not hide, the surface of your bedside table. Bare space can also be your friend if styled with care. 

Think of the Bedside Texture

When it comes down to the texture, the material being used to make your bedside table is essential. Just before you finalize the texture, think of the surface that is being used. Wood gives more earth and warm vibe, whereas metal or glass bedside tables can provide a smooth cool finish adding to the tranquillity. 

Pieces like ceramic vases, coral pieces, artistic table lamps can complement nearly any kind of texture you are aiming to use. Similar to the way different heights add interest, a mix of textures promises effective visual impact and at the end of the day a stylish bedroom


Now that you have gone through all the different methods and ideas for your bedside tables you are ready to execute it in your home. Always remember that a well-styled bedside table can ease you into sleep as they provide a sense of comfort and aesthetic like never felt before. 

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Thanks for reading.

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