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How To Try On The Curved Furniture Design Trend

The curved furniture trend, one of the top design concepts for 2022 in Sydney, gets its influence from the past. For decades, the straight lines favoured by 20th-century modernism have been the norm, but many designers are now suggesting a curved and appealingly easy-on-the-eye aesthetic. The reason for the shift in design is simple: curves are playful and fun. Yet, after two hard years, they reflect our desire for a soft, cosy, and also pleasant house.

This design embraces the beauty of the curve, counterbalancing crisp lines and angular geometry. These soft, whimsical amoebic designs are inspired by 1970s décor and provide a touch of fun and comfort to any room in your Sydney home.  Discover our choices for these furniture designs that complement your luxury home décor without compromising your luxurious interiors.

This trend has a particular place in our hearts since adding these pieces into your Sydney home ticks all the boxes—curved sofa, couch or tables doubles as art, creating a dramatic statement that feels unique and intriguing. Curved lines also help to balance out boxy interiors and provide architectural style, providing the impression of a more personalized space. Finally, it accomplishes all of this while being really down-to-earth, comfortable, and natural, allowing the eye to linger and asking you to have a seat and slow down for a while. Who could say no when there are such lovely pieces in the combination? From history to the contemporary, we believe this trend will continue. We’ve compiled a list of pro tips to keep in mind before adopting this trend.

Start Small with Curved Furniture   

 round coffee table

Try it out on a smaller piece of the curved coffee table first if you’re not sure how you feel about this décor trend or whether it’s your taste.  Rather than going all-in with a sofa, opt for a table, accent chair, lamp, or even a pouffe with curved qualities.

Keep Contrast      

curved coffee table

Contrast the smooth appearance of a curved couch with sharp angles or geometric lines to highlight it. A sofa’s smooth, flowing design contrasts wonderfully with a rectangular coffee table, while an oval dining table stands out beautifully in the centre of a crisp modern kitchen. Of course, you may use the same shapes in complementary parts as well. A curved coffee table in front of a semi-circular sofa, for example, can enhance its effect.

Don’t Put Curved Couch Against the Walls   

Curved Couch

This furniture can’t be handled like regular furniture and pushed against a wall because of its sculptural character. Consider floating a curved couch or accent chair away from the wall, closer to the room’s centre, so it can be moved about and appreciated from all sides.

Curved Furniture in Bedroom     

curved bed

With some curved furniture, you may make the cosiest room in your Sydney house more cosier. Let’s start with your bed: a rounded arch bedhead is a lovely way to add curves. The Arch Bed Head could not be more perfect for admirers of modern art-deco furniture! This sleek circular design is a stunning statement piece that, when matched with the proper bed base, becomes the ideal focal point for your bedroom. Because your bedside table is such an essential part of your bedroom, choose something curvy for this desired area.

Add a Focal Point with Curved Sofa    

Curved Sofa light grey

As previously stated, when it comes to decorating with a curved sofa in the area, it’s better to keep things simple. This decor, on the other hand, performs well as a focus point. Place a more striking piece in an area where you want your visitors’ attention to be focused, then surround it with complementary décor gently.

Perhaps there is a distinguishing element of the area that you’d like to emphasise, such as a window with a lovely view. The presence of a piece of statement furniture in the vicinity will naturally draw attention to the location.

Create a Section  

Black couch with white pillow

A curved couch is a terrific way to quickly “part off” a piece of your living space. If the space is vast, placing curving furniture in the centre third of the room, such as a crescent sofa, will create a pleasant “centre” with extra areas on each side to use as you choose a curved sofa off to one side in a somewhat smaller room might provide the idea of two different sections without making the overall space feel too tiny.

Play with Colours  

Curved sofa orange

While this isn’t always the case, more obviously, it’s usually advisable to avoid strong patterns. One or two-block colours may be preferable instead.

The contemporary lounge, on the other hand, frequently features fabric that is less “busy.” Rich, vivid colours will always give a strong statement feel and assist capture the eye as long as they are not competing with too many other striking things in a place. Soft and gentle colours, on the other hand, go nicely with softly curved patterns. The “Scandi” aesthetic is enhanced by pastels, neutral tones, and matte finishes.

Here are a few final style recommendations to help inspire you, whether you’ve picked a curved table, couch, bedhead, or something else from a furniture outlet totally as your entrance piece to the world of curves.

Don’t be scared to experiment with different materials and textures because curved pieces can stand up to them. When it comes to colour, you’ve got a wide range of options at your fingertips!

Curved furniture looks great in neutrals, especially when sleek lines and subtle undulations are used instead of huge, exaggerated designs. To match your new piece of furniture to your existing decor, choose a white, grey, or tan colour. Last but not least, when it comes to style, let your new piece speak for itself. Surround it with pieces that will enhance rather than distract from its form and appearance. This trend is enhanced with soft fabrics, mild geometrics, and one-of-a-kind accessories.

Thank you for reading!

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