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9 Tips For Designing The Children’s Bedroom

Every parent wants the best start in life for their children. When designing children’s bedrooms, the two golden rules are ‘future-proofing’ and practicality. Creating a comfortable, colourful and fun environment that encourages creativity can be a tricky task, especially when you’re also trying to incorporate practical elements like storage space and furniture for children’s bedroom decor.


When you are designing kids’ bedrooms, it’s important to consider the age group and even a prediction of the size of the child. This is important because designing a bedroom to fit a 6-year-old is going to be different to a 12-year-old. Here are many furniture stores in sydney you just have to search for bedroom stores near me for various bedroom as well as other home furnitures. 


Designing a children’s bedroom is all about making them feel safe and secure. Here are our top tips for designing a kids’ bedroom so it’s not only cool now, but fits with your child’s personality in years to come.


Choose a Neutral Color Palette

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While it’s tempting to go overboard when designing children’s bedrooms — after all, they’re young and adventurous — choosing neutral colours like white or grey or white, which can be easily changed up if needed later on. When choosing colours, look out for future trends — neon green might not be so popular in ten years time!


Use Fabrics to Display Colors and Textures 

Make your child’s environment fun by adding colors and textures. Combining items for a children’s bedroom decor is easier when you have a strong colour theme. Our favourite colours for children’s rooms are deep purple, bright blue, lime green and turquoise. We also love adding pops of sparkles and texture in the form of gold foil, sequins or glitter.

Use fabrics from the same family to unify the overall look and feel of the space. 

Here’s bedroom design idea: For a pre-teen boy or girl, look for fabrics with bold geometric prints such as chevron, triangles, honeycomb or zigzag patterns. These will make him or her stand out from the crowd when it comes to fashion sense.


With Fun Accessories, the Child can Express Themselves 

Putting fun accessories in their own personal space in the kids’ room is another children’s bedroom idea. If your child has a favorite movie or TV show, consider decorating their room with characters from that show. This will give them something to look forward to each day when they wake up.


Design a Comfy Space to Read or Relax

Children’s bedroom furniture should be sturdy and durable since they have a tendency to jump and play on their beds. The bed should be at least two feet longer than your child’s mattress size so they can store books and toys under it without taking up too much space in their room with extra furniture. If your child loves reading and wants to do so in bed before falling asleep then you should consider adding bookcases into the design of the room so they have plenty of storage for all those books!


Classic Furniture is Ideal for Children’s Growing Up 

To create a timeless space, you need to think about more than just the style of furniture and decor. The key is to create a room that will grow with your child over the years – and one that they’ll want to come back to again and again. Sydney offers a range of children’s bedroom decorating ideas.


Look Out for Future Trends 

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Most children change their minds about what they want (and what they don’t!) on a regular basis, so it’s important to choose  children’s bedroom furniture that can adapt with them. If possible, buy things that are multi-functional or that can be easily converted into something else (a bed frame with storage drawers, for example). This way, your child will be able to use their bedroom for many years to come.


Focus on Function 

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The most important part of any room is its function — does it have enough space? Is there enough light? Are there enough power points for charging devices? How will the space be used? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before starting any design project in your home. Your children will thank you later!


The Color Scheme For Childrens Bedroom Decor 

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No matter what age your child is now or how old they will be when your new bedroom designs go up, it’s important that you choose colours that suit them as well as their personality – keeping in mind that moods change over time! You might find out that pink doesn’t suit your son or daughter when they’re older and vice versa – so pick wisely!. 


Utilize Built-in Storage 

childrens bedroom decor by instant furniture outlet

Kids’ rooms are all about transition. They are a place to store their toys, games and books while they transition from being a child to being an adult. This includes adjustable shel- like closets, hanging spaces, and drawers beneath the bed. It also includes storage ideas like toy boxes, shelves, and chests for their clothes and other keepsakes. You should design their bedrooms with this in mind, giving them plenty of storage options to help them transition from being a child to being an adult. This may include closets with adjustable shelvers and hanging spaces, drawer space beneath the bed and cabinet.


Here at Instant Furniture Outlet, we’re passionate about creating spaces that are not only practical and good to look at, but also make people feel comfortable. We think that designing a children’s bedroom is all about making them feel safe and secure, with a few carefully chosen pieces of furniture that they can keep forever – or at least until they leave home. Here are our top tips for creating a timeless space.

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